Kenya Live News can reveal that up to fifteen dead bodies are lying at the City Mortuary after yesterday’s chaotic scenes in Nairobi by violence instigated by Kenyan Police. 

Souces at the morgue confirmed that out of the fifteen  bodies delivered by Police, twelve have bullets while three have injuries that suggest beatings by a mob.  

At the same time, the National Police Service has categorically  denied use of live fire in Thursday’s operations. In a statement,  National police service spokesperson, George Kinoti, said only tear gas and water cannons were deployed for crowd control.

Kinoti’s statement sharply contrasted with evidence from bodies at the City Mortuary. Kinoti claimed five people were stoned to death by angry mobs in different incidences after having been caught stealing by enraged crowds.

Two weeks ago, the Independent Medico Legal Unit (IMLU) confirmed that  there was evidence that the police killd 36 civilians since August 11, when the results of the Elections were announced.

The IMLU accused police of  responding to public demonstrations using indiscriminate force with no chance for other models of policing, especially in opposition strongholds.

IMLU also indicated it had recorded grievous violations of human rights committed by the National Police Service during the elections period.


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