Início Fashion Soft N Dry launches new Tree Free baby diapers in Argentina

Soft N Dry launches new Tree Free baby diapers in Argentina

Soft N Dry Diapers Corp and its subsidiary Soft N Dry de México, has commenced sales and marketing for distribution of its Tree Free disposable baby diapers in Argentina, marking a significant milestone as it expands into a key Latin American market renowned for its growing consumer demand for sustainable products.

Soft N Dry is dedicated to transforming the global disposable baby diaper market by pioneering its Tree Free disposable baby diapers, featuring the proprietary ecoFlex Core technology. Unlike traditional diaper cores that rely on tree fibre, the ecoFlex Core is derived from advanced synthetic materials. This proprietary, groundbreaking, technology not only ensures exceptional absorbency and moisture-wicking properties but also offers a scalable, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable alternative.

Soft N Dry Diapers Corp and its Mexican subsidiary are launching Tree Free disposable baby diapers in Argentina.
Featuring ecoFlex Core technology, these diapers replace tree fibre with advanced synthetics for enhanced absorbency and sustainability.
Targeting eco-conscious consumers, the initiative includes e-commerce partnerships for easy accessibility.

In Argentina, where environmental consciousness is on the rise, Soft N Dry’s commitment to sustainability aims to align with consumer values. As opposed to today’s traditional diaper, the company’s ecoFlex Core technology reduces reliance on tree fibre, contributing to the conservation of natural forests and biodiversity. This commitment to environmental responsibility is paired with a focus on affordability, ensuring that what is good for the household budget is also good for the environment, the company said in a press release.

To maximise its market reach and accessibility, Soft N Dry Argentina will include robust e-commerce sales partnerships within the region. These partnerships will allow Argentine consumers to conveniently purchase Soft N Dry diapers online, ensuring easy access to sustainable and high-performance baby care products. By leveraging e-commerce platforms, Soft N Dry aims to enhance brand awareness and market penetration, making it easier for parents to choose eco-friendly options for their babies.

Soft N Dry’s Tree Free diapers, featuring the ecoFlex Core, offer a unique value proposition that addresses both environmental and economic concerns. The advanced synthetic materials used in the ecoFlex Core ensure a consistent and scalable supply chain, resulting in lower production costs compared to traditional materials. This cost-efficiency supports competitive pricing strategies, making high-quality and sustainable diapers more affordable for Argentine families.

“Look, anyone can access published landfill data online from recognised sources like the World Economic Forum and drop it into AI tools to understand the environmental impact of disposable baby diapers. We are implementing solutions in collaboration with manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to address this. We are surprised that no one has done this before or realised that 10 million trees are harvested each year to produce these everyday products. If robots can drive our cars, we should at least be able to discuss the sustainability implications within our sector by using these new tools to do basic math,” Matthew Keddy, CEO of Soft N Dry, said.

“Our ecoFlex Core technology for baby diaper manufacturers and white-label baby diapers for traditional and e-commerce retailers enable us to deliver a unified message to consumers across Argentina and throughout Latin America. Our Tree Free baby diapers are not only softer, and drier, but also preserve our vital natural resources. We are delighted to introduce our Tree Free baby diapers to the Argentine market, which surpass traditional diapers in every performance metric and offer affordability to consumers who prioritise sustainability,” Ricardo Santana, president of Soft N Dry Mexico, said.

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