Início Tech 44 Label Group, Max Kobosil’s Club Wear Brand, Is Now More Accessible

44 Label Group, Max Kobosil’s Club Wear Brand, Is Now More Accessible

MILAN — “The music scene, like the BPMs, keeps getting faster and faster, and so does fashion.”

So said Max Kobosil, the influential techno producer and creative director behind the 44 Label Group club wear brand, as he retools the latter’s strategy to expand its reach and build on its community of techno-ravers.

After launching in 2021 backed by Dreamers Factory, the incubator of retail maverick Claudio Antonioli, the techno-inspired brand hosted a few runway shows during Milan Fashion Week and hit Paris in 2023 with “Rave New World,” an ephemeral, 24-hour nightclub.

The latter activation was probably the most attuned to Kobosil’s vision and the new strategy that the Berlin-based producer is implementing.

“We’ve moved away from doing runway shows now. Our presentations were unforgettable, one-of-a-kind moments, but we realized our true strength lies in creating experiences — raves, warehouse parties where everyone, not just the fashion elite, can come together and feel the vibe,” Kobosil said. “What I want for the brand is the energy of 6,000 people raving together and every single individual is wearing 44 Label Group.”

The new vision he has for 44 Label Group is rooted in accessibility via the democratization of the fashion offering.

When the brand was launched it was positioned in the premium or entry luxury fashion space — never an intentional business move, but rather the byproduct of elevating rave subcultures “into the luxury space,” Kobosil explained.

Starting with the spring 2025 collection, unveiled Friday via look book images, the fashion lineup’s prices have been roughly halved.

“The demand for 44 Label Group has been growing, so we’re adjusting our prices to reach a wider audience. Our goal is to democratize fashion by offering competitive prices without compromising quality, breaking down barriers so everyone can enjoy our creations. We believe luxury fashion should be approachable and attainable, and that everyone deserves to experience the passion and inspiration behind the 44 community,” Kobosil explained.

Max Kobosil, creative director of 44 Label Group

Max Kobosil, creative director of 44 Label Group

Courtesy of 44 Label Group

“We’ve got a strong and loyal following, but with our entry into the fashion scene, many young fans and techno enthusiasts have been priced out,” Kobosil said. “These people are the foundation of our movement, and it’s only fair they have the opportunity to buy into the brand like they did when we were just a record label making merch. We’re dedicated to empowering individuals to express their unique style and confidence through our designs, celebrating individuality and self-expression,” he said.

Acknowledging how tough it was at the start for 44 Label Group to be recognized as a fashion brand rather than as DJ-related merchandising, Kobosil doesn’t see the new strategy as a scale-back. Quite the opposite.

“This journey has been a unique creative experience. Now, we’re looking to go back to our roots and empower the 99 percent. We’re doing that thanks to the great platform that now supports the brand: its people. And to our people, we want to give back,” the producer and designer said. “Our brand is unique because we didn’t come from the traditional fashion world. We speak to youth culture directly.

“It’s easy to go to a party of any kind, in clubs across the world, and see our product worn on and off the DJ booth, but our ultimate goal is for every single fan to proudly wear 44 Label Group,” he said.

For spring 2025, Kobosil channeled the dark-tinged raver attire he’s become known for, working mesh and fishnet second skin cycling shorts, miniskirts and crop tops for girls and workwear-nodding and utilitarian clothes for men, including cargo pants, washed denim and graphics-rich sweatpants.

“This season’s graphics and symbols are also personal, drawing from my journey and experiences within the scene. Each design holds intimate meaning for me and my supporters,” he said, adding he styled the collection himself.

44 Label Group Spring 2025 Ready to Wear

44 Label Group spring 2025

Courtesy of 44 Label Group

Look book images were shot in the gritty Neukölln borough of Berlin where he grew up — and still lives — with a late-night shop, a common hangout spot, in the background. Kobosil himself mingles with models and friends in the images. “I’ve been there since the beginning and wanted to embody the collection fully,” he said.

The collection is being wholesaled with showroom appointments in Milan and Paris.

“We love pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable, a freedom that comes from the techno scene and the self-expression found in clubs. When the music is pumping, that’s when our creativity really flows. When you’re on the dance floor, anything goes,” he said.

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