Início Tech Herbivore Botanicals Names Britany LeBlanc CEO

Herbivore Botanicals Names Britany LeBlanc CEO

Changes are afoot at Herbivore Botanicals as it looks to its next phase of growth.

The Seattle-based skin care brand founded by Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow in their kitchen in 2011 has tapped former Supergoop chief marketing officer Britany LeBlanc as chief executive officer.

At the same time, Kummerow will step into a more active role, becoming a forward-facing founder, creative director and storyteller for the brand. 

“When I heard about the opportunity, I was instantly excited as I’ve been a longtime fan of the brand. It was actually the first face oil I ever used. They’ve been such an early pioneer in the clean space,” said LeBlanc of her new role in an interview with WWD. “We definitely have an opportunity now to reinvigorate the brand. Alex’s passion and creativity paired with the marketing experience that I have is going to help boost the brand and really put it back on the map as it deserves to be.”

LeBlanc served as the CMO of SPF brand Supergoop for seven years. Prior to that, she was a senior vice president of marketing at Worth Collection.

The brand was an early clean skin care category leader at Sephora and that is a big part of its strategy going forward, as well as other distribution channels such as Amazon.

“Sephora has been an early partner of the brand, and certainly that’s a relationship that is so important to us, and one we’re keen to reinvigorate,” said LeBlanc. “Additionally, the brand’s already embarked on a lot of digital innovation, and relaunching their website and going to Amazon so I think continuing to really foster growth in those spaces.”

She will also be building out a team to further support growth and marketing strategies.

These days, Herbivore is best known for Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil, $56; Blue Tansy Invisible Pores Clarity Mask, $50; Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Smoothing Serum, $56; and Pink Cloud Soft Moisture Cream, $46. 

Kummerow told WWD he took a step back from the business around three years ago, but now realized he needs to be back front and center because he understands the spirit of the brand.

“I am feeling really excited to be in this role, and feeling really excited to be working with Britany to help amplify our voice and to continue to push the boundaries of beauty. And I’m really grateful for this opportunity to be back in full capacity and be that kind of vision of the brand again.”

The company raised a $15 million series A investment in 2019, led by Silas Capital. Most recently, it raised a series B round led by Aurea Herbivore Holdings. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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