Início Fashion Luwa India pioneers eco-friendly waste management in textiles

Luwa India pioneers eco-friendly waste management in textiles

Luwa, a leading provider of air engineering solutions, is revolutionizing the textile industry with waste management innovations. With a legacy spanning eight decades, Luwa delivers high-quality solutions to industrial clients. From filters to dust collectors, Luwa’s commitment to excellence and sustainability shapes industry norms, promoting an environmentally conscious future.

Praveen Kumar Singh, Managing Director of Luwa India, states: “At Luwa, we are dedicated to empowering textile manufacturers with state-of-the-art waste management solutions that prioritize efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Our quality standards ensure that every product we deliver meets industry needs, driving progress toward a greener future for the textile sector.”

Luwa, an air engineering solutions provider, revolutionises the textile industry with innovative waste management.
It offers high-quality, sustainable solutions, including efficient filters and dust collectors.
Praveen Kumar Singh, MD of Luwa India, emphasises its commitment to empowering textile manufacturers with environmentally conscious products.

Key Solutions by Luwa include:

-Rotary Pre-Filter RPF: An efficient and space-saving solution for pre-filtration, integrated with Luwa’s TexPac centralized air handling system for reliable functionality.

-Rotary Drum Filter LDF: An efficient and economical solution for fine dust filtration in exhaust air with high concentrations of dust and fibers, ensuring adherence to MAC prescriptions while minimizing maintenance time and costs.

-Automatic Panel Filter MCV: The MultiCell V filter is built up as a filter wall in air conditioning and filtration stations for the filtration of return air, which is contaminated with dust and fibers. The special design with bottom entry V-shaped filter cells prevents clogging of the filter with fibrous material and is unique in shopfloor savings.

-Rotary Pleated Belt Filter RPB: The Rotary Pleated Belt (RPB) Filter is a patented, revolutionary design that combines high-capacity pleated media with high-efficiency suction cleaning, resulting in significant shop floor space savings. This high-efficiency, self-cleaning filter offers more capacity for its size than any other filter on the market.

-Waste Separator WSA/WSB: A reliable solution for separating and compacting fibrous waste, offering continuous waste suction and dust separation, perfectly harmonized with other Luwa components for streamlined waste disposal.

-Multi-Dust Collector SS: A flexible and simple dust collector group for disposal of filter waste, featuring modular design for multiple applications and easy maintenance.

-Dust Separator DS with Screw Compactor SC: A fully automatic final filtering stage for dust and fibers, featuring automatic filter cleaning, high filtration efficiency, and compact design for space-saving installation.

-Fibre Separator FSB/FSC: Designed for separating and compacting fibrous waste without dust emission, offering smaller waste volume and continuous or pressure-controlled operation.

-Bale Press System: Ideal for compacting textile waste into standard-sized bales, reducing disposal waste and offering semi or fully automatic operation options.

Luwa’s dedication to excellence and sustainability extends beyond waste management solutions. Luwa offers a wide range of products and services, including solutions for humidity, temperature and differential pressure control, air distribution, air handling, spark detection, control engineering, and more.

Luwa: Partnering for a Sustainable Textile Future

Luwa goes beyond offering single products. The company provides comprehensive support, including expert consultations and tailored solutions through the headquarter in Switzerland and subsidiaries in India, China, Singapore, the US, and Turkey, as well as agents in 60+ countries. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, Luwa is the ideal partner for textile manufacturers seeking a greener path to success.

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