Início Tech Moschino Store Associates Are Loving Their Training App

Moschino Store Associates Are Loving Their Training App

Moschino has joined forces with digital education platform Yoobic to super-charge training for frontline workers in a novel way — by rolling together multimedia, social elements, gamified experiences, community features and language translation.

The collaboration, revealed Tuesday, aims to raise the quality and speed of staff training and communication across the Italian luxury brand’s 150-plus global retail locations.

The “goal was to find a training tool that is smarter, more user friendly, and most of all, available on every smartphone,” according to Moschino.

Think of it as a digital brain hack, but tailored for luxury fashion’s frontline workers. This is an area that Yoobic has some experience with, having worked with Lacoste, Lancôme, The Kooples and others.

At Moschino, training used to require staff to take time away from customers and sit at a computer for time-consuming training sessions, demos and exercises. Now Yoobic’s mobile “microlearning” approach allows employees to fire up an iOS or Android mobile app for access to customized, bite-size content — from short videos and images to quizzes and other interactive experiences.

Training sessions are broken down into snackable modules.

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Quick bits of media and training sessions are only part of the equation. To keep things interesting, the app also features gamified elements, such as a leaderboard to encourage some fun competition for course completion and contest opportunities.

Early phases of Moschino’s rollout are already showing results. Course completion rates soared to 98 percent and store teams reported excitement and enthusiasm about diving into the training modules. So far, average course ratings rank 4.7 out of 5 stars.

For managers, the platform allows a level of control via content-building features, so they can create and launch new microlearning modules quickly.

Another key aspect for a international brand like Moschino is language translation, which can ensure fundamentally consistent, yet localized training across regions — including Asian markets, where language barriers previously posed challenges.

The mobile app format lends itself to social and community opportunities, and the tool has plenty.

The app features different areas, including those geared for socializing, community and communication.

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To foster connectivity between workers or with managers, the app offers private chat, group conversations and video calls, while a social feed lets associates share knowledge, note successes and bond with coworkers at the store and other locations, regions and markets. Here, real-time language translation comes in handy across a global workforce.

Yoobic also offers senior leaders visibility into training data, outcomes and analytics, with interactive dashboards that track program success and real-time updates.

Monitoring progress is crucial for any online educational tool, and for some employers, it’s the only way to ensure workers are buckling down instead of goofing off. Then again, the Moschino app may be a different story. Apparently “fun” can be a powerful way to boost learning, not a distraction from it.

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