Início Tech Katy Perry, Nicole Kidman and More

Katy Perry, Nicole Kidman and More

Katy Perry has entered her naked dressing era.

The singer, who made headlines with her daring cutout Noir Kei Ninomiya dress at the Vogue World event in Paris on Sunday, went even further with her outfit at the Balenciaga haute couture show: a chubby fur coat worn over nothing but a pair of ripped tights.

Perry, in Paris promoting her new single “Woman’s World,” had slathered her skin with body oil as temperatures in the city soared.

“It’s my first Balenciaga show,” she told WWD. “I wanted to be streamlined, sexy, sensual, simple but chic, and I wanted to wear my nylons right above my C-section scar. That’s the lowest I was gonna go — right there.”

To an interviewer who suggested it might be dangerous to go lower, she answered: “Well, this is where I birthed a child so everybody can just…” as she gave a defiant two-fingered salute.

Ashley Graham at Balenciaga Fall 2024 Couture

Ashley Graham at Balenciaga.

Stephane Feugere/WWD

Ashley Graham also opted for a revealing style, though she stuck to a classic black bustier dress.

“I’ve never been to a couture show in my life because couture normally isn’t made for incredibly curvy, voluptuous women, so I’m honored and pleased that Balenciaga has made a look for me that I can fit in and can actually breathe in,” she said.

“There was actually a very large rack of clothes and I saw this dress and I thought, I definitely want to have some skin showing and I want to feel sexy, and I’m so glad this dress fits,” she said. 

The model also brought a little electric fan. “It is hot in Paris right now, so I’m not playing games and me and my friend are staying cool,” she joked.

The show, held at the brand’s historic couture salon on Avenue George V on Wednesday, had guests doing double takes as several stars showed up with their stylish daughters.

Nicole Kidman was flanked by Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban, Naomi Watts came with Kai Schreiber and Maya Rudolph brought Pearl Minnie Anderson.

Maya Rudolph and Pearl Minnie Anderson at Balenciaga Fall 2024 Couture

Maya Rudolph and Pearl Minnie Anderson at Balenciaga.

Stephane Feugere/WWD

Anyone familiar with Rudolph’s recent stint as guest host of “Saturday Night Live” on Mother’s Day knows that she is Mother, period. “Yass,” assented her seatmate Kerry Washington.

It turns out the comedian and actress has been biding her time. “I’ve always been an admirer but this is my first time in Paris during the shows. But I used to design clothes in high school — this is my longtime love,” Rudolph confessed.

Her decision to wear a blue tie-neck dress felt almost subversive, given the edgy choices of some of the other guests. “I love the brand. I feel like there is a playfulness inside of their fashion that really speaks to me and I just think they’re so f—ing fierce,” she said. 

Alexis Stone at Balenciaga Fall 2024 Couture

Alexis Stone at Balenciaga.

Stephane Feugere/WWD

Alexis Stone worked with Balenciaga creative director Demna on her latest transformation, showing up in the guise of Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly character in “The Devil Wears Prada” after receiving the actress’ blessing.

“For couture, we always try and elevate it to stay on par with the clothes that we’re presenting so it felt like a perfect pairing,” the drag queen and makeup artist explained.

Stone chose an ample trenchcoat with a satin pussy-bow blouse and black pencil skirt.

“We wanted to keep it as close to the original. We always do so we had different options, but this felt like the most ‘New York cosmopolitan editor on the run’ — obviously all Balenciaga,” the celebrity impersonator said. “The wig itself was made over three months.”

Looking the part is not enough. Stone also showed up with the attitude to match, quipping: “This one was great for me because if there’s ever an opportunity for me to be a diva, it’s this season.”

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