Início Tech Klarna Plus Hits 100,000 U.S. Subscribers

Klarna Plus Hits 100,000 U.S. Subscribers

Klarna, the AI-powered global payments network, reached a key milestone with its newest offering, Klarna Plus, by gaining 100,000 subscribers in the U.S. since the platform’s launch earlier this year.

Issued by WebBank, Klarna Plus is designed to enhance the shopping experience by providing subscribers with exclusive benefits that include waived service fees, rewards and access to special deals with popular brands.

Klarna Plus members enjoy significant savings with an average saved of $18 a month. This translates to an estimated total of $1.8 million saved for all members within the first month. Additionally, members have utilized more than 27,000 discount offers at various retail partners.

David Sandstrom, chief marketing officer at Klarna, said the positive reception of Klarna Plus in the U.S. “really shows the value of this product. Our commitment to offering valuable and exclusive benefits to our subscribers remains strong as we continuously look to enhance their shopping experience while expanding our services beyond buy now, pay later.”

Some of the key features of the Klarna Plus subscription include waived service fees where members can shop at any retailer or brand outside Klarna’s network and split payments into four interest-free installments using the Klarna One Time Card without any service fees, for a monthly fee of $7.99.

Members can also access special discounts totaling $80 each month at brands like Nike, Coach, Macy’s and Sephora. In addition, members receive $8 off their first purchase and every third month at any Klarna partner store. And an upcoming feature will allow members to earn cash back on purchases made through Klarna.

Aside from Klarna Plus, the company continues to innovate and expand its services, as demonstrated by a 38 percent increase in first-quarter revenues, year-over-year in the U.S. The company said the introduction of the Klarna Card waitlist and “Sign In With Klarna” underscores its effort to simplify everyday spending through technological advancements.

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