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Top Beauty Looks From Days One and Two of the Fall 2024 Couture Season

Couture season is all about the rarified — made-to-measure clothes and beauty looks to match — as well as making people dream. Days One and Two of the current, ongoing couture season for fall 2024 did not disappoint, with makeup and hairstyles fashioned with transporting creativity. 

At Giambattista Valli, models’ faces were adorned with petals, which seemed to escape from the flowers festooning the luscious gowns made of mottled silks. These petals came in a variety of hues, such as pink, lemon yellow and white.

At the Schiaparelli show, which was conceived to feel like a Surrealist hyper-sensualized ballet, according to the house’s creative director Daniel Roseberry, many a model’s head was encircled with tulle — in beige, blue or gray — giving an ethereal, mysterious effect. 

The dots decorating Iris van Herpen’s dress-and-cape combo seemed to climb up a models’ cheeks and temple in one look that was part of the five the Dutch designer created and hung in a gallery-like space.

People walking Thom Browne’s runway, wearing beige muslin fashion creations, all had hair that looked like short, plastered-down tendrils, coming in white, ecru, gray or black.

Contours of eyes were swathed in red and outlined in black at Juana Martín. For Charles de Vilmorin, silver was the color of choice to highlight the space between the eyes and nose at his inventive show. For that, de Vilmorin imagined a cast of gothic fantasy characters based on an old-fashioned murder mystery.

And it’s not over yet. Two more days of fashion fantasy lie ahead in Paris.

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