Início Tech Diptyque Is Making Top Executive Changes

Diptyque Is Making Top Executive Changes

PARIS – Diptyque, the French niche beauty and lifestyle brand, is making top executive changes, effective July 1.

Chris Garek is retiring from his roles at Manzanita Capital, Diptyque’s parent company, where he has served as operating partner, and as the brand’s president.

In those two positions, he is succeeded by Fabienne Mauny, chief executive officer of Diptyque since 2019.

“She will be in charge of leading the next phase of growth while preserving the brand’s singularity and continuing building Diptyque as a lifestyle brand,” the company said. 

Nicolas Floquet, who has been Diptyque’s chief operating officer since 2012, will become deputy CEO, a new position.

“The governance changes announced today will prepare Diptyque for the future and enable solid, profitable and sustainable growth,” Bill Fisher, chairman of Manzanita Capital, said in a statement, thanking Garek and Mauny for their longstanding commitment to Diptyque.

Mauny said it was time to put in place a new leadership team to lead the brand’s next phase of development. 

Last year, Diptyque logged its most successful year, and in 2024, it unveiled two Diptyque Maisons, in Paris and London, which are new retail concepts.

A preview of the Maison Diptyque store in Paris.

A preview of the Maison Diptyque store in Paris.

Christophe Coenon/Courtesy of Diptyque

“This new governance reflects on what we have always wanted to instill: a form of continuity and recognition of the founders’ project, but also the opportunity to give new responsibilities to those who have contributed to the development and strategic repositioning of the company,” said Mauny.

Diptyque was founded in 1961 by three multidisciplinary artists in Paris’ Saint-Germain neighborhood. Its portfolio includes personal and home fragrances, scented skin care and decorative objects.

It counts 1,200 sales points in 56 countries in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia. The brand employees 1,000 people.

Diptyque was acquired by Manzanita Capital in 2005.

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