Início Tech Estée Lauder’s New Skin Care Clinic Concept Launches in Hainan

Estée Lauder’s New Skin Care Clinic Concept Launches in Hainan

Estée Lauder is staking its claim on skin longevity, starting in China.

The Estée Lauder Cos.’ flagship brand is unveiling a new freestanding retail concept called the Skin Longevity Institute, which will first open in Hainan on June 30. Heavy on services, each location includes technology for skin analysis, facial treatments and sells the brand’s Re-Nutriv products.

The move comes after 15 years of Estée Lauder’s research around sirtuin proteins led to the brand’s exclusive Sirtivity-LP technology, which purports to both prevent and reverse signs of aging. That technology is the hallmark of the brand’s Re-Nutriv franchise, its luxury range of skin care products.

Estée Lauder Skin Longevity Institute treatment room rendering.

A rendering of the Estée Lauder Skin Longevity Institute.

“The concept of longevity as the new luxury reflects a growing trend where consumers, increasingly focused on living longer and healthier lives, are seeking brands that offer not only exceptional products but also immersive luxury service experiences,” said Justin Boxford, Estée Lauder’s global brand president.

“This premium, integrated approach and cutting-edge treatments appeal to a discerning clientele that values both the quality of life and the quality of the service,” Boxford continued.

The brand is christening the retail concept in China, where its parent company’s sales have been challenged in recent years. Analysts have said the company needs to reinvigorate sales in the territory.

“China, for us, is a very important market. It’s a prestige and luxury consumer, and remains one of the largest consumer opportunities,” Boxford said, contending that consumers there have a hearty appetite for higher-priced products from the brand. 

Indeed, Estée Lauder’s sales grew midsingle digits in its third quarter of fiscal 2024, and Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Brilliance Soft Creme Moisturizer performed particularly well in mainland China, the company said. Net sales in Asia and Pacific regions grew 3 percent in the quarter for the company overall, which was credited to skin care and fragrance.

Estée Lauder Skin Longevity Institute reception rendering.

A rendering of the Estée Lauder Skin Longevity Institute.

“We’ve seen some fantastic results from the new launch,” Boxford said, “And in our recent earnings call, we’ve noted momentum on the Estée Lauder brand specifically in North America, and one of the big drivers has been our focus on luxury as a whole.”

Boxford thinks the brand’s research and innovation is “the new frontier of science-driven luxury skin care,” and is using services to drive awareness and education. “There’s a natural move into the service experience and how we really connect with our consumers in an elevated way.”

Estée Lauder is already looking at more markets for the Skin Longevity Institute. “The first big launch is in Hainan, and we’re going to be launching shortly after in Suzhou where the customer base is very hungry for beauty,” Boxford said. “In August, we’re going to be launching in Montreal. We’re already looking at a number of locations in Europe and the U.K.”

The Skin Longevity Institute in Hainan will serve as a blueprint for that expansion. The brick-and-mortar location entails a private consultation space on the second of two floors, where aestheticians will run skin diagnostics on varying levels of skin, before incorporating Re-Nutriv products into facial massages.

“It’s what we call peak performance, and that’s what age reversal is really about,” Boxford said. “At the end of the service, we’ll do touch-ups with our Re-Nutriv products. And as far as the journey goes, everything from the lighting, the visuals, music and temperature of the room has all been curated to give a multisensorial longevity experience.”

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