Início Fashion Midas Safety reduces GHG emissions by 19% in 2023: Report

Midas Safety reduces GHG emissions by 19% in 2023: Report

Midas Safety, a leading manufacturer of protective gloves and clothing, has reduced its overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 19 per cent so far, amounting to 64,215 tonnes of CO2e, as per its 2023 Sustainability Report – Making Safety Sustainable, documenting progress towards its long-term sustainability goals in 2023.

The report details how the company has reduced its consumption of power and water, reduced waste, minimised plastic packaging, and increased inclusion.

Midas Safety reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 19 per cent (64,215 tonnes CO2e), exceeding targets in water (34 per cent reduction) and energy (15 per cent reduction) consumption.
They increased women in management to 19 per cent, invested in employee development (225,588 training hours), and expanded sustainability initiatives with solar energy projects.

Other achievements include reducing water withdrawal by 34 per cent, equivalent to 1,002 million litres, significantly exceeding the target of 20 per cent, reducing energy consumption by 15 per cent, reducing waste generated by 14 per cent, and cutting the use of plastic in packaging by half.

In addition, the company has invested heavily in employee development, with an average of 21.88 training hours per employee, totalling 225,588 training hours. This investment aligns with the target of enhancing employee knowledge and promoting a culture of continuous learning and growth. Furthermore, the representation of women in management roles has surged to 19 per cent, surpassing the target of 15 per cent, demonstrating the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

In 2022, Midas Safety began taking steps to create a better future by investing in communities, diversity, empowerment, and climate action projects like solar, wind, and biomass energy sources. The company began rolling out new sustainable products, providing customers with options that can help them achieve their own sustainability goals, the report stated.

The company continues to work toward long-term sustainability and inclusivity goals. Last year, Midas Safety contracted for 3.5 MW of solar energy generation that will be commissioned in 2024. The company is also in a continuous process of acquiring new energy-saving technologies and equipment. These and other measures are expected to help continue reducing energy consumption and further minimise the company’s GHG footprint.

“At Midas Safety, we believe that business should not cost us the earth, and we remain committed to minimising the impact of our business operations on the planet, from the energy we consume to the resources and materials we use in our manufacturing processes. We will continue to strive every year to achieve better results and to leave a lasting legacy to future generations,” said Asif Malik, CEO, Midas Safety.

“Midas Safety’s sustainability agenda is based on engagement, integration and performance. To further the cause of sustainability in all that we do, we are engaging with our customers and partners, integrating sustainable thinking into our culture and decision-making processes as well as setting clear goals and driving performance improvement,” said Syed Noorul Ibad, global head of sustainability, strategy and business excellence, Midas Safety.

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