Início Tech Best Makeup Products & Essentials 2024

Best Makeup Products & Essentials 2024


To compile the list of 50 makeup essentials, WWD Beauty Inc polled hundreds of beauty industry insiders, executives, creators and most of all, makeup artists. Voters were asked to think across categories and in terms of hero shades, and products had to be on the market for at least six months.

After counting the ballots, and accounting for multiple duplicate votes from the same organizations, WWD Beauty Inc culled the top 50 products that garnered the most votes.

While the contents of all ballots is confidential, voters could opt for anonymity or identification. Here, the list of voters who agreed to be identified.

Agnes Landau
Alicia Marie Campbell
Angela Davis Deacon
Anton Zimin
Ashleigh Ciucci
Barbara Zinn Moore
Brittany Sullivan
Carolina Dali
Charlotte Palermino
Daniel Martin
Deanna Melluso
Drew Elliott
Emily Dougherty
Gilbert Soliz
Gita Bass
Hannah Bennett
Jane Fernandez
Jane Lauder
Jazmin Alvarez
Jessie Lefler
Jo Franco
Johanna Nomiey
Kyle Leahy
Laney Crowell
Lucie Greene
Marianna Hewitt
Marz Collins
Michele Magnani
Millie Kendall OBE
Mokgadi Shogole
Natasha Cornstein
Nicolette Bosco
Nyakio Grieco
Oliver Garfield
Olivia Barad
Patrick Ta
Remy Moore
Roberta Betti
Rokael Lizama
Sam Cheow
Sarah Brown
Silvia Galfo
Steven Canavan
Stevie Huynh
Susan Akkad
Tai Beauchamp
Tarang Amin
Virginia Bonofiglio
Yumi Kaizuka
Zenia Jaeger

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