Início Tech Chase Stokes and Paris Hilton Celebrate the Latest Motorola Razr

Chase Stokes and Paris Hilton Celebrate the Latest Motorola Razr

Motorola’s Razr phone continues to be seen in the hands of some of the hottest actors, musicians and entertainers today, having added Chase Stokes to its notable list of “next-generation like-minded challengers.”

On June 25, the company celebrated 20 years of the Razr and announced its newest iteration of the device with the “House of Razr” event in Brooklyn. Guests, including Stokes, got a first peek at the device presented by acclaimed magician Dan White followed by a DJ set with Paris Hilton, a longtime fan of the brand.

Paris Hilton at Motorola’s House of Razr.

Stokes, who said he accessorized his look at the Met Gala this year with his Razr, told WWD that the “newest generation of Razr is truly the leading star of smartphones. [It’s] distinctive, stylish and impactful. After using my Razr+ while preparing for fashion’s biggest night out, it was an easy decision to join Motorola once again to celebrate the launch of this iconic family of devices.”

Chase Stokes at Motorola’s House of Razr.

Notably, like Amelia Gray Hamlin who has partnered with Motorola Razr, Stokes said he has a bit of nostalgia tied to the phone. It was the “first actual tangible product” that he said he “remembers having as a kid that felt cool, like it made me feel like I fit in. I think them reimagining it at the 20th anniversary, it’s such a cool thing that this product has stood the test of time and reinvented it in a way that continues to move forward.”

His first Razr, he told WWD, was the “OG silver.”

Moreover, Stokes said that he also connects with Motorola’s “Flip the Script” campaigns as it is “sort of the epitome of how [he] lives [his] life.”

“I didn’t have the traditional connections in Hollywood to open doors,” said Stokes. “I made a fake email and emailed agents and that was my way of hoping to get in the door. I think that if I would have followed the traditional script, I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to work with brands like Motorola or to have the career that I have. It was something that really drew me into what this whole campaign was about.”

To the actor, the concept of flipping the script means that “sometimes we have to go back to move forward. Looking at the Razr, it’s a look into the past of things that might be hard, but might be beautiful as well.”

Maria Joes (Majo) Martin, North America marketing director of Motorola, at House of Razr.

Miguel McSongwe/

As Motorola continues to flip the script, Maria Joes (Majo) Martin, North America marketing director of Motorola, said that there was a magic summoned for the House of Razr launch event. “Every deck has its ace — a card that typically ranks higher than all the others, and the latest versions of the Razr+ and Razr are truly the aces of our lineup. With an even larger, more functional external display, a refined and durable flip design, and more color options to choose from, they are crafted to outshine and outperform the competition.”

From celebrating 20 years of the lineup with Paris Hilton to inviting the next generation of the brand and a new iteration, Motorola, she said, will “flip the script, and pave the way for all that’s to come.”

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