Início Fashion Hermes opens new store in Mitsukoshi Ginza, Tokyo

Hermes opens new store in Mitsukoshi Ginza, Tokyo

Hermès has announced the opening of its second store in Ginza, located on the first floor of Mitsukoshi retail landmark. Enticing visitors to discover the house’s métiers, the spatial design draws inspiration from the city by day and night, as well its dynamic energy, underpinned by the rich contrasts of colours in lights, reflections, and the geometry in urban signs.

The store focal window above Mitsukoshi’s entrance features a 3D horse silhouette that can be discovered from the street. The house spirit is revealed through this artistic display made of metal and seen only from certain angles. A semi-sheer origami screen allows natural light to shine through the four additional windows and illuminate the store.

Hermès opens its second Ginza store at Mitsukoshi, featuring a vibrant design reflecting Tokyo’s day-to-night energy.
The space includes a prominent 3D horse silhouette window display and a mosaic floor in yellow and pink.
Various themed areas showcase perfumes, leather goods, and fashion.
The décor integrates Hermès’ iconic elements with local inspirations.

Upon entering the store from inside the mall, visitors are welcomed by a yellow, pink mosaic floor. This cross-shaped tile guides them into a cocoon of wavy panels in rose tones, where perfumes are unveiled alongside the home universe, women’s silk, and fashion jewellery. At the rear of the store, the leather and equestrian collections are displayed: to the right, the watch and jewellery area is wrapped in yellow origami marquetry, while on the left, a trail of passages leads to two fitting rooms, a lounge and three distinct salons showing respectively the women and men’s shoes followed by the women and men’s ready-to-wear universe. Each area features a custom carpet in vibrant colours, with horizontal stripes that echo the interplay of lights and reflections from Ginza’s pedestrian crossings, Hermes said in a press release.

Envisioned by the Parisian architecture agency RDAI, the environment is designed to evoke the elegant and vibrant atmosphere of Ginza while seamlessly integrating the house codes. Emblematic details are woven throughout, from the Grecques lights to the Faubourg mosaic inlaid on the speckled terrazzo flooring. A sun drenched palette of red, pink, taupe, mauve, amber, and yellow harmonises with the warm cedar wood paneling and cherry wood furniture. Walls and enclaves are wrapped in lustrous wallpapers and woven fabrics in soft neutral tones, including shades of rust and champagne.

The decor is adorned with curated artworks from the Émile Hermès collection and photographs from the Hermès collection of contemporary photographs. These include an off-kilter composition of a horse’s mane captured by Belgian photographer Harry Gruyaert. In celebration of this opening, the artwork of French artists Zim and Zou animates the windows. The Parisian flagship store is metamorphosed into a flying vessel with a prow reminiscent of a horse’s head that gazes relentlessly forward while recalling the origins of Hermès. Flying Faubourg explores the wonders that the world has to offer and invites guests to contemplate the architectural feats that make up Tokyo.

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