Início Tech Augmented Reality Platform Eternitee Merges Physical & Digital Worlds

Augmented Reality Platform Eternitee Merges Physical & Digital Worlds

When it comes to the latest TikTok and social media trends such as “Barbiecore” and “Coquette bows,” phenomena seemingly rise in hype overnight — leading brands to need to act quickly. Brands are now struggling to retain relevancy with trendy items in demand more than ever and a rapid shift toward fast fashion’s alarmingly fast production turnaround rates.  

Eternitee, an augmented reality platform, is looking to change the way consumers interact with fashion with its classic white T-shirt that can turn a blank canvas into a hub for digital content creation.

The concept combines the classic essential with AR technology to help transform the garment’s appearance through the application of virtual reality designs — which can only be viewed on the consumer’s phone’s camera.  

Eter Studio, a creative digital studio, created and designed the project with the mission to “craft meaningful experiences that merge design and lifestyle with a digital-native perspective.” 

Every week, a new virtual design is released that is inspired by the hottest social media trend to allow users to post relevant content around trends without having to turn to fast fashion. When purchasing the shirt, it allows customers access to a digital experience on the Eternitee mobile app (only available on iOS devices) to help transform their shirt’s look and post on their social media pages.  

Consumers buy the Eternitee T-shirt on their website, download the app and link their T-shirt through its unique access code. Noting that digital fashion is still a niche yet growing segment of the market, the company is offering access for three months (a season’s worth of virtual designs) that updates every week with the initial purchase of the shirt. The goal is to then convert its users to continue purchasing skins through a subscription model. 

The company said that this reimaging of the white T-shirt is to “restore a lasting emotional connection with physical garments while embracing a digital way of consuming content and trends.” 

“In the past couple of years, we saw the rise of virtual fashion,” said Sofía Englebienne, founder of Eternitee. “Whether in the form of NFTs, wearables in the metaverse or augmented reality skins, younger generations are already engaging with this form of self-expression in an increasingly virtual world. This, however, lacks the emotional connection one feels when wearing real clothing, so through the Eternitee we’re bringing the best of both worlds together to create a physical fashion experience that’s fun to wear, and that makes you look good in the real and virtual worlds.” 

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