Início Fashion K3 enhances Microsoft D365 for fashion & apparel brands

K3 enhances Microsoft D365 for fashion & apparel brands

Generative AI in fashion and retail continues to gain significant momentum, with K3 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 leading the charge. K3’s enhancements ensure that Dynamics 365 is tailored for fashion and apparel brands, enabling them to leverage AI capabilities from both Microsoft Copilot and K3.

AI-Enabled Product Description Generator

Generative AI in fashion is advancing with K3 and Microsoft Dynamics 365, integrating AI tools like Microsoft Copilot to revolutionise product management and operations.
K3’s AI-enabled product description generator, embedded in Dynamics 365, automates the creation of detailed, multilingual product descriptions, enhancing efficiency for fashion brands.

K3’s solutions are fully embedded into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 landscape, enhancing core features while adding unique IP specifically designed to support fashion and apparel brands. Earlier this year, K3 unveiled an AI-enabled product description generator within its flagship K3 Fashion solution. This tool streamlines the creation and management of product descriptions, integrated with Azure OpenAI to seamlessly work with core webshop and Point of Sale extensions.

The AI tool addresses a significant challenge for brands: the manual and time-consuming task of writing product descriptions. By automating this process, product owners and copywriters can focus on more impactful tasks. The process includes:

  1. Image Analysis: Upload product images into the system for AI analysis, which identifies attributes like style, color, and materials.
  2. Attribute Definition: Each attribute is tagged with a confidence percentage to ensure information precision.
  3. Automatic Description Generation: Based on these attributes, the system generates detailed product descriptions in multiple languages, facilitated by Microsoft’s cognitive services.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Users can refine confidence levels and adjust tags to improve accuracy and relevance.

Kimberly Morgan, chief commercial & operations officer at K3, stated:

“Expressing my enthusiasm for this new tool is a challenge as it’s poised to be a game-changer for brands globally, offering them significant time savings. While many talk about AI, few have translated it into practical real-world applications. Introducing this feature is a thrilling milestone in our product development journey, and it’s just the beginning. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!”

Microsoft Copilot Capabilities

The embedded nature of K3’s solutions within Dynamics 365 enables fashion brands to utilize Microsoft Copilot, a generative AI tool. Copilot extends beyond a simple chatbot, providing opportunities to optimize inventory management, personalize shopping experiences, and enhance supply chain transparency. Key features include:

  1. Inventory Optimization: Copilot with D365 Business Central optimizes inventory levels, generates accurate forecasts, and creates vendor replenishment requests.
  2. Stock Level Queries: Within D365 Supply Chain Management, Copilot queries omnichannel stock levels, offering timely information to web shoppers and sales clerks.
  3. Personalized Shopping: Cloud for Retail’s Copilot template provides real-time offers and recommendations to customers.
  4. Supply Chain Management: Copilot traces products and swiftly alerts suppliers to disruptions within D365 Supply Chain Management.
  5. Market Trend Analysis: In D365 Finance and Operations, Copilot analyzes market trends and data to predict raw material price volatility, aiding in budgeting and purchasing strategies.


These capabilities, combined with K3’s AI tools, demonstrate the tangible benefits AI can offer fashion brands today.

K3’s upcoming AI and ML tool 

In the future, K3 will be releasing additional AI and Machine Learning capabilities that will assist users in translating their D365 environments into select languages. The tool will crucially offer brands a turnkey route to global expansion, quickly translating product details into new languages to support their international needs.

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