Início Fashion LPP & Woshwosh partner to promote clothing repairs in Poland

LPP & Woshwosh partner to promote clothing repairs in Poland

LPP, the Polish clothing manufacturer and owner of the Reserved, Sinsay, Mohito, Cropp and House brands, is launching a unique initiative. As part of the Wear Your Story campaign, which is the second edition of the Look after your clothes campaign, it is putting a pool of vouchers for minor tailoring services into the hands of consumers. Together with its campaign partner, woshwosh, LPP wants to raise Poles’ awareness of circular fashion, point out the benefits of extending the life of clothes and facilitate access to repair services.

LPP, the Polish clothing company, is launching the Wear Your Story campaign, providing 3,000 vouchers for minor tailoring services to promote circular fashion.
Partnering with woshwosh, LPP aims to encourage Poles to repair and extend the life of their clothes.
The campaign runs from July 1 to October 31, 2024, and covers repairs at selected tailors across Poland.

According to a survey prepared by LPP in cooperation with ARC Rynek i Opinia, Poles want to repair clothes, but are mainly held back by the lack of skills. On the other hand, there is a growing environmental awareness in society, and with it an interest in rescuing damaged clothing. In order to reach as many consumers as possible and show them the real value of prolonging the life of their favourite garments, LPP provides vouchers for repairs at selected tailors’ outlets in over a dozen locations in Poland.

– We believe that transformation is possible from both a business and consumer perspective. Every day, we make efforts to reduce the negative impact of our business on the environment. But we do not forget about the other side, i.e. our customers – we want to support them in changing their approach to fashion. Therefore, we have decided to offer them tools that help prolong the life of the clothes, but also the stories hidden in these items. This complementary business attitude is crucial for the future of our planet. We want to help in the transition to a circular model, where repairing and reusing clothes is the norm – says Dorota Jankowska-Tomków, director of Purchasing and ESG at LPP.

Leave it to the experts

The initiative launches on 1 July and will run until 31 October 2024, during which time consumers can get one of 3,000 vouchers (on a first-come, first-served basis) worth £20 each by completing a simple and short survey available at The unique code delivered to the email address indicated in the application can be used at participating tailor outlets. The list of repair services covered by the programme includes sewing in a button, sewing in a zip, sewing in a seam break or shortening trousers.

– Poland is one of those European countries where the circularity rate is above the global average at 10.2%. This is a good, but unfortunately still too low value, which means that 89.8% of our economy is based on the use of primary raw materials. We want to raise our customers’ awareness of this situation and develop in them the habit of mending clothes – just like our parents did. If they do not feel able to do the sewing themselves, they can always use the services of local tailors’ shops. With our action, we can motivate consumers to use the repair services of local tailors on the one hand, and support small-scale craftsmanship on the other – explains Ewa Janczukowicz-Cichosz, sustainability expert at LPP.

Collaboration with woshwosh

The partner of the voucher campaign is woshwosh, which has so far specialised in shoe repair and refurbishment. Thanks to the company’s experience and its cooperation with tailor shops in Poland, customers will be able to use the vouchers in selected cities, including Gdansk, Kraków, Warsaw, Katowice, Radom, Lódz, and Poznan.

– woshwosh was created for the purpose of extending the life of footwear and promoting the idea of mending wardrobe. Not only does it save money, but it also makes a real contribution to environmental protection. Educating the public is particularly important in this respect, as it can change consumer habits and redirect them to a more circular mode – says Martyna Zastawna, founder of woshwosh. – The voucher campaign is our joint effort with LPP to convince Poles to repair and alter slightly damaged clothes and use the services of professional tailors and dressmakers. Our favourite clothes do not have to end up in the bin or linger for years at the bottom of the wardrobe – she adds.

A wardrobe full of stories and sustainable fashion

The voucher campaign is one of the key elements of the Wear Your Story campaign, which aims to raise awareness of circular fashion focused on the rational use of resources, including, above all, already-made clothes and fabrics. The main axis of the campaign is the relationship between a person and their clothing, their shared story – one that has already happened, but also one that will continue if we undertake to save our favourite garments.

LPP’s initiative points to the personal benefits for consumers, as well as the issue of environmental protection. By extending the life of their clothes, Poles can join the transformation of the industry so that its impact on the climate is as small as possible. LPP aims to ensure that everyone can enjoy their clothes longer and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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