Início Tech EBay Unveils Enhanced Advertising Dashboard to Boost Seller Growth

EBay Unveils Enhanced Advertising Dashboard to Boost Seller Growth

To help sellers on its platform grow their sales, eBay has launched “eBay Advertising,” which has an improved dashboard, “intuitive campaign tools” and personalized insights. The first iteration of eBay Advertising was rolled out in 2015.

Ebay described the new version as a reimagined and redesigned advertising experience. “From a new Advertising dashboard to a simplified portfolio, the powerful new experience will help take [a seller’s] business to new heights,” the company said, adding that the new tools “are designed to simplify advertising experience, increase listing visibility, and ultimately lay the foundation for stronger sales velocity and continued business growth.”

The new version has a revamped Seller Hub Marketing tab and a new Advertising tab. EBay said the advertising dashboard is a click away in Seller Hub, providing sellers with “a comprehensive and holistic view of all campaigns, as well as detailed reporting, so that [sellers] can easily analyze campaign performance and make informed adjustments to help improve sales.”

Other features include the day’s recommendations, suggested campaigns and trend-based campaigns, “which leverage to uncover current and emerging marketplace trends and build a ready-to-launch campaign designed just for you and your unique listings,” the company said, adding that trend-based campaigns help sellers take the guesswork out of advertising.

Alex Kazim, eBay’s vice president and general manager of global advertising, said the company “is always exploring new ways to incorporate the latest technology and AI solutions to ensure that our offerings are the best they can be for our sellers. We are also constantly engaging in conversations with our sellers, to learn about their journeys and how eBay can continue to support their evolving needs.”

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