Início Fashion Tailorlux & Germany’s TURNS pioneer traceability for recycled cotton

Tailorlux & Germany’s TURNS pioneer traceability for recycled cotton

TURNS GmbH, a prominent player in the circular textile industry in Germany, has joined forces with Tailorlux GmbH to set a new benchmark by launching a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at advancing traceability and transparency for recycled cotton products. This collaboration highlights their commitment to sustainability by leveraging European post-consumer textile waste and physical traceability solutions to create fully circular products. 

TURNS GmbH and Tailorlux GmbH have joined forces to pioneer a groundbreaking collaboration in Germany’s circular textile industry.
Leveraging advanced tracer fibers and spectroscopy, they ensure every step of production at ALTEX is verified.
This initiative aims to combat greenwashing, providing physical proof of recycled content and promoting sustainable practices.

TURNS’s partnership with Tailorlux integrates cutting-edge tracer fibers and high-resolution spectroscopy to accurately track and verify the recycled content in every textile product. This innovative approach ensures that every step, from fiber to yarn to fabric is physically verified, providing unparalleled transparency and accountability. 

The journey of this pioneering project began at the ALTEX recycling plant in Germany, where post-consumer waste clips from over Germany are meticulously sorted and processed. ALTEX plays a crucial role in transforming these discarded textiles into high-quality TURNS recycled fibers. 

Once spun into yarn, these eco-conscious fibers are woven into sustainable fabrics. These fabrics, which meet stringent environmental standards, are then fashioned into stylish garments that embody the principles of circular fashion. Each garment is embedded with Tailorlux traceability technology, ensuring that the entire journey from waste clip to finished product is fully transparent and verifiable.  

“The goal of this collaboration is to provide physical proof of recycled material content, to ensure product integrity and protect against greenwashing claims. By aligning physical traceability with accurate quantification of recycled cotton, we can demonstrate that TURNS’ materials contain the exact percentage of recycled content they claim. This initiative supports the broader goals of a circular economy, promoting sustainable practices and building consumer trust.”- Tobias Herzog, managing director of Tailorlux 

“Physically verifiable transparency is the best proof that post-consumer recycling is not just a vision, not just a marketing story but is happening today, in Germany, for real. One year ago, we started TURNS to change the fashion game. Today, with the Tailorlux tracer fibers we are proving that we are not just talking about change, but we already are making it happen”. – Katja Wagner, co-founder, TURNS GmbH

“As a state-of-the-art facility to recycle textile waste into new high-quality products, we are happy to be part of this collaboration. We want both TURNS and Tailorlux to make their traceability impact visible.”- Jan Stienemann, R&D manager, Altex 

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