Início Fashion Italy adopts e-CMR protocol for paperless road transport logistics

Italy adopts e-CMR protocol for paperless road transport logistics

Italy has officially ratified the electronic consignment note (e-CMR) protocol, the digital extension to the United Nations CMR convention for international road goods transport, according to the International Road Transport Union (IRU). The e-CMR protocol, which came into effect in Italy last week, establishes a legal framework for entirely paperless goods transport by road.

Italy has ratified the e-CMR protocol, allowing for fully digital consignment notes in international road transport, according to the IRU.
Effective last week, this move enhances transport efficiency and safety, reduces costs and delays, and improves transparency and security.
Italian logistics firms will benefit from offering more efficient services.

The transition from paper-based to fully digital consignment notes is expected to significantly enhance the efficiency and safety of goods transport within Italy and to neighbouring countries. The adoption of e-CMR aims to streamline operations, reduce handling costs, eliminate administrative and invoicing delays, and minimise discrepancies at delivery sites.

One of the key benefits of e-CMR is the improvement of transparency and security across the logistics chain. The protocol facilitates more accurate data collection, enabling real-time access to shipment pick-up and delivery information, thereby ensuring better traceability of goods, IRU said in a news release.

Italian logistics firms are set to benefit greatly from this new standard, which will allow them to offer more efficient and competitive services to both domestic and international clients. The IRU highlighted that the implementation of e-CMR aligns with broader efforts to modernise and digitise the logistics sector, fostering innovation.

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