One Daniel Peter Onyango, a renowned director in one of the organizations in western Kenya was turning 36 and this was to be celebrated in pomp and style of its kind in one of the posh resorts in Kisumu City over the weekend. We met the committee chair for the white and gold themed event who shared with us all the work put in ensuring the birthday was a success.

The committee consisted of 13 individuals. Their first order of business was to come up with how to raise money for this big day. The committee was well aware of the big task ahead as the birthday “boy” has friends from all walks within the whole East African region that would grace the ceremony. “We were looking at a guest list of 100+ persons from across east Africa. From politicians to directors to marketers, to colleagues, family, friends and so on” said the committee chair.

We came across a screen shot on how the birthday committee raised money and contributions for the big day.

When we met the ever jovial Daniel Peter after the event, he was not shy of praising the committee for the great work they did in ensuring his big day was a success. “I want to appreciate the work of the committee and support from friends because without them, I don’t think this day would have been possible. Most of them look up to me as their mentor and they made my special day great. I want them to know that I will always be indebted to them and that they have a special place in my heart. Also would like to appreciate homeland entertainment and Ciala Resort for the hospitality the accorded on my day.’’ A very emotional Daniel Peter said.

Here are photos of the big day.