The reasons behind the uncharacteristic support Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Juma extended to DP William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid can be authoritatively revealed today.

When he made an extensive visit of the coast recently DP William Ruto won the supporting numerous elected leaders some of whom have been knkwn to be hardliners in the opposition ODM.

For Hon Jumwa, she who shouted the loudest that they (she and others) will support DP Ruto in 2022, the outburst could never have been more convenient.

The prime reason for this sudden spurt in shifting political loyalties is motivated by the DP’s legendary financial generosity. Jumwa who held several private meetings with the DP has told close friends she was shocked by the amount of hard cash she saw stuffed in suitcases in DP’s hotel suites.

But even more shocking was the amount Ruto was willing to give Hon Jumwa there and then, on condition that she accompanied him to church the following day and she publicly voiced her support for Ruto’s 2022 bid.

Jumwa was thrown into distress and panic when she was handed a ‘sizeable’ black coloured duffel bag containing millions of shillings in local currency. Jumwa confessed to her close friends she had never seen that kind of money in her entire adult life!

The MP is said to have lost her head temporarily, and immediately started singing Ruto’s name while hysterical jumping up and down. Completely gone were the demands for secession of the Coast region from Kenya or demands for a new political party. So smitten was Jumwa that it forced the DP to ask her to calm down.

“Relax this is just Genesis, when we reach Malachi, I will have turned you upside down,” he reportedly told the panting politician.

Jumwa, who also habours Kilifi County gubernatorisl ambition in 2022, has now embarked on a discreet but we’ll funded campaign at the Coast telling locals that something new is coming.

She also reportedly shopping for property in Kilifi’s trendiest and most expensive neighbourhood, Vipingo Ridge where homes go for as much as $1million.