Former IEBC Commissioner Dr Roselyn Akombe recounted how the commissions server was taken over on the night Kenyans voted with no one knowing what was going on.

At about 8.30pm on 8th August 2017, Dr Akombe report says the IEBC servers were allegedly hijacked with connivance of CEO Ezra Chiloba, Davis Chirchir and Safran Morpho who were ICT contractors at IEBC.

The NASA statistical analysis presented in court actually captured the moment it happened at 7.30pm. The coup plotters, working closely with state agents embedded at IEBC, had set the initial gap upon which they would begin to amortise.

It took about three hours to shift to the mirror server. The electronic coup was crudely executed and from then on, however much people voted, the gap between Uhuru and Raila remained constant with Uhuru maintaining a healthy lead.

During this period they had to perfect the process of receiving the actual results, copying them and processing the ‘copy’ and then transmitting the processed results to the public portal.

The formula which Otiende Amolo aptly read in court was the formular used to create the computer algorithm program that rigged the election. NASA believe this would never have happened had Chris Msando been alive and in charge of the security of IEBC systems.

During court proceedings it emerged that Chairman Wafula Chebukati password was used access the server and illegally used numerous times to make adjustments in results without his consent, while Davis Chirchir, the one-time IEBC official and Chief Agent for the Jubilee Party, also logged in to IEBC servers and made unauthorised changes to the results.