Energy CS Charles Keter -
Energy CS Charles Keter on Monday announcing interim changes at Kenya Power {Photo Courtesy}

A visibly angry Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter when announcing a new KPLC team on Monday afternoon could not hide his disappointment following the arrest and subsequent suspension of several Kenya Power managers after being accused of irregularly getting involved in a transformers scam, insisting they are very innocent.

The announcement of the new team came after the Kenya Power board officially suspended 19 managers over the graft charges, a decision that did not go down well with the Energy CS Keter.

When he was tasked to read out the list of new managers in acting capacity by the board Chairman Maalim Mohammed, Keter begun by expressing anger and fury at the arrest of the top Kenya Power officials over the weekend going as far as comparing the scenario to the demise of the entire Zambian national soccer team in the infamous 1993 plane crash.

It’s such a difficult time for me to even talk when we have a team of competent and intelligent engineers in court. We have lost the best team ever. That I’ll say at any forum,” an irate Keter said.

Appearing shocked by the arrests, Keter went on to further to insist that his team was competent and extremely intelligent. Keter also expressed his disappointment in the manner at which the officials were arrested at the weekend, terming it as inhumane, and even had said he wished he could be the sacrificial lamb of all of them.

An increasingly irate Keter openly showed his hesitance in naming the new KPLC team. Other separate sources quoted the disappointed Energy CS claiming he even neither knew nor met the Engineer Jared Otieno who was appointed acting KPLC MD, who Kenya Live News confirmed had worked for the nation’s power supplier for over 31 years in senior positions.

Despite being the senior most position in the list, the Energy CS Keter chose to announce the interim CEO’s name at the rear end of his address (almost leaving it out), but the rubber had to hit the road at this point, Jared Otieno was announced as the group’s acting managing director and chief executive officer. Below is the full list of the newly appointed team:


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