Bring Down Governor Waititu for Opposing Demolitions on Riparian Zones, Lawyer Kipkorir to President

Your Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta, If You Don’t Bring Down Governor Ferdinand Waititu, He Will Bring You Down

Judas, are you betraying
the Son Of Man with a Kiss?
Jesus Christ

When a mad man abuses you in a market, it is not perchance. He maybe mad, but he is not stupid. Even dogs bark on the Orders Of their Masters.

Ferdinand Waititu is your Governor. That he is the only Governor after the Handshake to countermand your Agenda, Vision and Legacy is troubling. In saying that instead of demolishing buildings illegally built on riparian land, you move the river, Waititu is telling you: F..K OFF! Who dares tells that to a President, and more so when you come from the same County?

History is replete with examples of how Leaderships are undermined then destroyed. It begins with innocuous moves. The mystery of leadership is chipped slowly but surely. Once a Leader loses even the respect of his village, all legitimacy ends. First, you called for Lifestyle Audit, they laughed at you. Then in Mau, they told you rain doesn’t come from trees. Now, on riparian land, they say, be Moses and move the rivers instead!

Societies have succeeded because of Political Order that was forged in Strong Rule till a national culture developed. Germany, Italy and Britain are developed and liberal Societies, but their historical journeys went through long epoch of Blood and Cries. “The Prince” by Niccolò Machievelli is magnum opus of classical leadership. Kenya wants to be a liberal state without a national culture of integrity and patriotism. We jumped the illiberal stage that forges Nations.

Back again to Waititu. You have to ask your Party to invoke Article 181 Of the Constitution and remove him. The law in its interpretation is elastic and creative. Article 181 gives you a blank check to remove Waititu.

If Waititu is not removed by impeachment or criminal proceedings, other leaders will defy you. Your dreams of the Big4 Agenda, Fighting Corruption, Afforestation and Uniting Kenya through the Handshake with Baba are on the precipice.

The choice is yours: You let off Waititu, and one day, like Julius Caesar, you will be surprised when you say: Et tu, Brute?

As for me, am on Board with you.

Mie wako, Donald.