By Sospeter Odeke Ojaamong

The truth is that Raila Odinga has one more run to the mountaintop, he will — and he must — run again for the elusive State House. I have no crystal way how that contest will turn out, much less who his opponents will be. Raila Odinga has only tasted power at the margins, his time has reached. Because of his humility, No one expected that Raila Odinga will work with Uhuru Kenyatta, after the disputed elections , he has confused his foes and unintentionally charmed his friends.
But I believe he will carry the flag one more time — most likely his last. That’s only befitting for Raila Odinga to run his last race. Who knows — the fourth time may be the cornerstone that will shape and redirect this Country in very many years, will be willing and ready to serve under his Presidency, as I have always done when I was his personal assistant since the days of multiparty struggle.

Raila Odinga remains the centre of gravity, of Kenya’s Left , his Unity with Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya’s Right who have always ruled, remains an answered Question; but I believe In politics, nothing is given, Power must be taken, not given out.

HIS-STORY, is Raila Odinga’s history about to be made ?