Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe, the dominant powerbroker and influential political figure around President Uhuru Kenyatta, has been dumped on orders of Mama Ngina Kenyatta, Kenya Live News can authoritatively reveal.

The decision to order Murathe never to step in State House grounds was reached after he voiced strong opposition to the plan by Uhuru to reach out to NASA’s Raila Odinga on a peace initiative a move which was mooted by Mama Ngina as the head of powerful Kenyatta clan.

Reliable sources told Kenya Live News Murathe was heavily repremanded and ordered not to purport to speak on behalf of the President at any media house. Previously, both Murathe and his Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju freely offered interviews to local media and in some instances their word was taken more seriously than those emanating from Manoah Esipisu who is the Official State House Spokesperson. However, of late both have since tonned down any media appearances especially after the Raila-Uhuru peace deal.

In the past, the divisive Murathe unapologetically ruffled feathers when suggested that Uhuru Kenyatta would not retire after completion of his second term in 2022 saying he was to young to retire at 60 years old. This was taken to mean that Uhuru would ignore constitutional term limits to run for an unprecedented third term.

Unknown to him, Murathe’s toxic nature and proximity to Uhuru was being viewed as a risk and a huge minus for Uhuru who is currently desperate to mould a legacy.

In the past, the reckless Murathe shocked Kenyans when he publicly urged Uhuru Kenyatta to be a benovelent dictator “to save Kenya”.

Within no time, sources tell Kenya Live News, Murathe was reportedly asked to keep away from State House as his combative nature posed a threat to Uhuru’s legacy and the unity of all Kenyans.

During the height of electioneering in 2017, Murathe often appeard on talk shows in his capacity as Jubilee Party Vice Chairman. He was often boisterous with little patience to listen and objectively respond to opposition protests and their demands for IEBC reforms. In one particular TV interview Murathe said, “What this country needs now is a benevolent dictator. People have been too soft so that things have gone rogue.”

Murathe then went on to assert that countries like Rwanda, headed by President Paul Kagame and Uganda whose leader is Yoweri Museveni enjoy stability because of the leadership style employed by the presidents who do not tolerate any shenanigans from opposition activists.

During his heydays as Uhuru’s confidant, Murathe earned a reputation as a fiery advisor who had little time for opposition activism and was one of those in favour of the heavy clampdown on opposition MPs by Kenya Police. So powerful was Murage that Cabinet Secretaries often feared to cross his path.

Following his acrimonious falling out with the powerful matriarch of the first family, Murathe has retreated to the background and is occasionally seen at the Party Headquarters in Pangani. He has totally shunned visiting State House where.