Central Kenya MP Fires a Warning Shot to Rift Valley MPS for Disrespecting President Uhuru in Bomet-KenyaLivenews.com
Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu

First Rift Valley  MPs try to force Uhuru to commit to support Ruto in 2022 despite Uhuru never having ‘unsaid’ what he said about Ruto. Uhuru insists he will not be part of any politics – not until he’s finished his work. (Don’t believe every headline you read).

That these MPs think they can force Uhuru to do something he has said he will not do; to his face; in public; is noteworthy. (DP Ruto doesn’t say anything about what’s clear disrespect to the Head of State by his troops).

The next day some walk out on Uhuru at another function. They say it’s against Governor Laboso. But its not Laboso’s function. It is Uhuru’s.

As I always ask. If these guys are ready to disrespect Uhuru while he’s still President; what will they do to him (& us) after he retires if they get the presidency?


By Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu