Homa Bay County assembly order paper already debated and passed.

Several county assemblies have swiftly and uninanimously passed motion prepared by the NASA Coalition to refuse to recognise Uhuru Kenyatta presidency and any government formed therefrom.

Count assembly of Siaya, Busia, Vihiga, Homa Bay, Kakamega have debated and passed the motion that is intended to have the people exercise their sovereignty directly and chart their future independently through a People’s Assembly.

Lamu county assembly is presently in recess, but scheduled to reconvene for this debate next week. Kwale and Taita Taveta shall debate the motion next week as well. Kitui, Makueni and Machakos debate has been slotted in the order paper for Tuesday.

Homa Bay County assembly in session

In a move that will entirely deligitimise Uhuru Kenyatta presidency and the Jubilee government, earlier this week, NASA prepared a comprehensive motion listing a raft of resolutions for debate and adoption by more than twenty county assemblies where the coalition enjoys an unassailable majority.

Article 185 of the Kenyan constitution provides that the legislative authority of a county is vested in, and exercised by, its county assembly.

The unprecedented motion which has elicited strong excitement in NASA counties unequivocally declares the presidential elections held on 8th August 2017 and 26th October 2017 invalid, null and void. The motion also approves the formation of a People’s Assembly which will henceforth determine the affairs of the county without reference to the national government.

Additionally, the motion calls for the establishment of a truly independent electoral and boundaries commission with a view of holding a fresh presidential election on or before 9th February 2018. This means the current IEBC shall stand disbanded within those counties.

Further the motion wants a comprehenaive review of the actions and performance of constitutional commissions with the purpose of ensuring that the said commissions are independent to enable them protect the sovereignty of the people and to promote constitutionalism.

The NASA motion wants appropriate measures undertaken to safeguard and promote devolution and the organs and instruments of devolution including county assemblies and county governments and secure their financial viability and security.

Through this motion, counties demand that a review of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 be undertaken to reform the structure of the Executive and Parliament and devolution and to reinforce concrete measures for the promotion of inclusivity, the welfare of the marginalized, the advancement of women and youth, the eradication of corruption and poverty and to secure social justice, equality and fairness

Already, because of ongoing debate on the motion, NASA has notified its supporters that the peaceful protests for electoral justice that had been scheduled to take place in Nairobi today have been postponed until further notice.


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