Infiltrated and Intimidated; Kenya judiciary felt the jubilee government pressure.

By Kenya Live News Court Reporter;

In an exclusive piece ,  global news agency Reuters on Monday reported that Uhuru Kenyatta Jubilee government declined a request by Supreme Court judges for deployment of extra security following an incident in which Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu’s bodyguards was shot and seriously injured.

The security breach happened as the Supreme Court bench was preparing  to rule on a critical petition that could have delayed last week’s poorly turned out residential election which Uhuru won a world record 98%. The petition is now effectively overtaken by events.
Although Justice Maraga later denied allegations in the story, no forthcoming explanation has been given for failure of three supreme court judges failing to attend a hearing of such national importance.

As Lady Justice Mwilu dodged a bullet, a fresh scandal instigated by state operatives was engulfing the Court of Appeal in Mombasa. 
Sources at the  Courts Registry informed KLN that Justice Kihara Kariuki – a known system collaborator –  who serves the President of the Court of Appeal purportedly ordered a stay on Justice Odunga’s Judgment outlawing the recruitment of Retbullets/Presiding Officers without an application nor an actual sitting. Later, Justices Fatuma Sichale and  Martha Koome to be called from Malindi and Nyeri respectively to sign the said orders.
To everyone’s shock the three judges are now trying to compel the Registrar of the Court of Appeal to sign a back-dated application which he has refused.
To add insult to injury, oustounding revelations come even as it emerges that the Court of Appeal was not one of the Divisions that Chief Justice Maraga had mandated to sit on the Public Holiday.
In 27th October, the staff-in-charge at the Court of Appeal registry was given an application with a request to stamp the same as having been received on 25th October the same day of Justice Githinji stay orders.  
Fearing for his job and his life, the Registrar refused to sign The application has not been stamped received since the judge apparently wrote the Ruling in the night & the registry was closed at 5.00 pm . According to the rules, a Judge can’t give final orders before according a hearing to parties.
The matter has opened a can of worms on behind the scene goings in at the Judiciary and seriously damaged the public reputation of the Judiciary which is itself under pressure from state operatives.


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