Declare March 9th Handshake by Uhuru and Raila a National Peace Day , Man Petitions


The National Assembly  has received a petition seeking to make March 9 , the day President Uhuru Kenyatta and Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga shook hands on the steps of Harambee House, a national peace day.

The petitioner, Mr Paul Mugo, wants the National Assembly through relevant departmental committees to amend Article 9(3) of the Constitution to include the date as a national holiday to be observed on March 9.

Mr Mugo argues that for decades, peace in Kenya had been elusive hence the handshake has provided a gateway to greater cohesion, peaceful co-existence, tranquillity and a sense of nationhood.

President Uhuru and NASA leader agreed to put an end to the long political antagonism to work together on what they say is a deep understanding between the two.

They selected Ambassador Kimani and Lawyer Paul Mwangi to steer a 14 member building bridges team to ensure implementation of the 9 point they agreed on.

Parliamentary  Committee of Justice and Legal Affairs  has about 60 days to deliberate on Mugo’s petition according to the House rules.