The Mysterious Eye Witness


Muigai Ngengi is not your ordinary eye witness in two high profile accidents, a Chopper Accident in Nakuru and Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru’s Fatal Accident at Kenol, Thika Road.

Access Agent,Agent Provocateur and Facilities Agent are the most used operatives when high profile people want to conceal a volatile secret. Muigai Ngengi appears to be  a planted eye witness.

In both accidents,he is the first on crime scene,and is the first to have full glares of camera to shape the narrative.This is a classic case of an Access Agent.This type of Agent provides profiling information,that shapes a misleading path to an investigation.

They use the media to push a narrative,and completely make the public veer off the real story.
Governor Gakuru’s Tragic accident is  one of the most foul accidents after Saitoti’s chopper crash.

Kenyans are demanding for a thorough investigation on who Muigai Ngengi is, How coincidental he witnessed two high profile accidents and why he is the first to appear on media as witness in Both.


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