The cartels in the maize sector have started fighting back through propaganda in a bid to divert attention from challenges facing maize farmers.

By introducing the ICC narrative, the cartels must know that their diversionary tactics will not stop us from fighting for the rights of the farmers.

I want to put the same cartels that their days are numbered and it is just a matter of time they will be brought to book once the investigating agencies complete their probe into the matter which cartels paid millions of shillings at the expense of the farmer.

I am aware that some busy bodies and a number of cartels who are implicated in the maize scandal are working on crude ways of seeking public sympathy so as to divert the attention from keys issues facing farmers to ICC narrative.

I want to put it to the cartels in the maize sector and their sympathizers that no amount of threats and intimidation will cow me or stop me for championing for the rights of farmers.

The cartels must fall and be made to account for their role in the maize scandal.

Hon. Joshua Kutuny