Deputy President William Ruto has been accused of working day and night to block a constitutional amendment bill proposing radical changes including introducing the position of a powerful prime minister and significantly clipping presidential powers.

The mover of the bill Tiaty Member of Parliament KANU’s William Kamket has accused DP Ruto for blocking his constitutional amendment bill from sailing through in the national .
Kamket says that some forces within Jubilee led by Ruto have marshaled to fight the bill which seeks to amend the constitution to limit the president to single one term of seven years and with ceremonial role of Head of State and a symbol of national unity.

“Some people believe falsely that they are already in statehouse . I want to warn them and advise them that even Raila believed he was to become president but he never made it” said Kamket.

He said that treasury has refused to give their view concerning the bill so that it can be tabled in the floor of the house.

“A money bill before publication, treasury must give their views especially this one which requires a referendum and silence by the treasury means that they are frustrating it” he noted.

On February 27, the former Baringo Assembly speaker, drafted a bill seeking to establish a single seven – year ceremonial presidency.

At the same time, Kamket stated that it is too early for the bill to frighten those who are opposing it.
“Why should you act as if you are scared yet we are not yet sure who will succeed Uhuru” said Kamket

Also the bill introduces an Executive Prime Minister’s position and the position of the Deputy President scrapped away.

He further went ahead saying that they want to bring back the presidency to Baringo county, saying that the 2022 presidential race is a two horse race between Baringo Senator Gideon Moi and Deputy President William Ruto.

“The journey to statehouse has just began and people should get ready for a tough duel come 2022” he affirmed.

He pointed out that the other day together with Gideon Moi, they were with Raila to greet Mzee Moi and as a result, some people have been having ‘sleepless’ nights.

“Those who have been running round like headless chicken should be afraid since we have officially started campaigning for senator Moi” he said.
The MP was speaking yesterday during a fundraiser at Chepkalacha in Tangulbei ward, Tiaty constituency.