DP Ruto is RIGHT on NYS Budgetary Allocation, It Should be Increased while preventing Graft-Kenyalivenews.com
DP William Ruto

I fully support our DP Ruto on his call to legislators to rethink the decision of cutting the NYS budgetary allocation.

NYS is a government sponsored youth ‘militia’, an organised gang formed on the same foundation Mungiki was formed.

As part of my study I had an opportunity to interact with and learn indepthly about this organized criminal gang, its inception and its transformational stages to an outlawed sect.

When Mungiki was initially formed,its agenda was to replace the vacuum that the then Moi government had left in mt .kenya region; Coffee and Tea sector had deliberately been killed, unemployment followed, insecurity followed. Government could not be felt in the region; a lot of negatives happened in the region’s community, the young generation was the absorber.

Some leaders from the region took the initiative and brought young men together, they organized saccos which eventually took up the matatu industry , in urban areas they even rehabilitated criminals and street boys into garbage collection groups and eventually security improved.
In areas such as Banana in Kiambu, Muthithi in Murang’a where walking at night without hard material landing on your soft neck was unheard of they offered security escort.

Young men in mt. Kenya became preoccupied, they became busy into something. Mothers could even tell their sons to stop kulalia maskio and join other young men in Mungiki but that was short lived. Politics entered the noble idea, leadership wrangles entered, factions entered, extortion entered. The center could no longer hold, things fell apart.

NYS just like Mungiki was also formed and revived to preoccupy young men in Kenya, they had for long been forgotten by government. Its bid is to solve the unemployment issue.

Killing NYS is killing graft at the NYS, which is a fact but that is not the solution. Parliament starving the organization off the budgetary allocation without even consulting the stakeholders on what programs were to be undertaken was simply an act of murder by strangulation.

In the name of Killing corruption at the National Youth Service we are creating field for criminal gangs and terrorist groups to recruit. They will have a field day recruiting NYS dropouts and our unemployed young men. A National security risk, NYS being a paramilitary organization.

Up the measures and systems to prevent graft but do not kill NYS!