Tiaty Member of Parliament William Kamket has challenged Deputy President William Ruto to resign if he is against the ongoing war on graft.

Kamket, said that the DP has equated himself to be defending those who have been implicated with corruption charges in the country.

The legislator added that Ruto has not firmly stood to rebuke corruption and he has always been heard dismissing corruption allegation reports.

“I dare him to resign immediately if he is not contented with the way President Uhuru Kenyatta is fighting corruption and also he should resign if he doesn’t believe in the president’s administration” said Kamket.

He noted that no one has the power to threaten the Government, the presidency, judiciary or the DCI.

“The DP has chosen to be on the side of thieves and he should be ready to face the full force of the law” he said, adding that law enforcement agencies should be left to execute their mandate.

Kamket also lashed at fellow MPs who appear to be speaking on behalf of the Rift Valley region. He stated that the said leaders are speaking on behalf of themselves and not the entire populace.

He concluded by saying that if the Jubilee Politicians feel that the war on corruption is targeting them, then they seem to be knowing something.

The KANU leader was peaking on Sunday while presiding over a fundraiser in aid for women groups in Kadogoi.