Happy Birthday William Samoei Ruto. My gift, the title deed of Indian Ocean is on its way.
Mr. DP, as your gift to the Kenyan people, please kindly share your business acumen with the government you are part of it’s leadership, so the government and the Kenyan people too can prosper as you do in business.
It is an oxymoron for you and your businesses to succeed as the government you lead is failing and have to borrow money to pay its debts plus your salary.
Don’t you find it strange that you carry Kshs 12 millions to a goat auction party and yet the policemen that protect your have not been paid their house allowance?
Mr. DP, you have become the master of populist politics. Like the fake Kenyan pastors taking vacations in Australia as their church members are hypnotized to donate their hard earned money in the name of pleasing their deity; you have discovered the weakness of most Kenyans: worshipping givers without questioning the source of what they give.
Mr. Bwana Yesu asifiwe, millions of Kenyans are languishing in poverty as a result of and the consequence of corruption in the government you lead. 
Kenyans know what the salary of their DP is. I am not afraid to tell you that You are a thief. Otherwise, where else would you get the kind of money we hear you are spending. If I am wrong, show us the statements of accounts of your chicken selling business!
Corruption is a crime and it’s victims are everyday Kenyans.

By Anwar Saddat 



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