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DP William Ruto at Kambi Kuku Chicken Auctioning yesterday

Anyone who has ever bought a kuku from the DP Ruto, please stand up.

Did DP Ruto sell any kuku? Not at Kambi Kuku. Not anywhere either

That Ruto came from a humble background is no doubt. His father, Samoei’s family,was like any other ordinary family in Kamagut, with land not less than fifty acres, cows not less than ten heads, and a maize plantation not less than ten acres

The family was modest by the class of the village, but in comparison to the class he is now, in comparison to the league of leaders he is at par with, that was not just poverty, but stinking abject poverty. There was absolutely no bitting poverty that would force a son of such a home to venture into the kuku business to supplement the family income, as has been alleged in the media

What he did prominently, was to board a tractors seller,doing the “kazi ya mkono” during the harvesting season, as it moves from home to home to shell harvested maize. This one, every teenage son of the village did and it was more fan than a venture out of despair, to make ends meet. It cannot be used to ascertain how poor/ wealthy a family is/was

Mzee Samoei, liked his bicycle and rode it to Jua Kali market daily, until his death when his son had already made a name, not just as MP for Eldoret North, but as a Rift Valley kingpin as well. The old man must’ve clinged to his old Black Mamba more because of his “ukoloni” conservative nature, than refusal of the son the upgrade his father’s mobility because he had already built his parents a huge maisonette, an indication that he cares for his people

The selling of kuku couldn’t have been possible because Kambi Kuku only came in 1991, after TMC recarpeted the Eldoret-Webuye highway, and introduced six speed bumps, three on each side of the level railway crossing, cutting through the road from Leseru to Kitale. The subsequent slow down of vehicles is what created the chicken market, called Kambi Kuku. No ome sold any chicken there before. I know all those who sold the kukus there for the first three years, by names

It is not possible that a graduate would be jobless and desperate enough to sell kuku in those days, when even high school leavers were few. This is the time he taught in Paul Boit briefly before going the YK 92 lobby group. This story was cooked by the press and the DP didn’t see any reason to disassociate with it because it gives a dramatic beginning to his rags to riches story, but in reality, the DP has NEVER sold any chicken

Those close to him say the same. Of the top political class in this nation, I have had a rare opportunity to meet the DP, in the early months of 1997, before he launched his campaigns for the Eldoret North parliamentary seat, for the first time. We met inside his red Land Rover discovery, registration KAE……. .

He had paid an imptoprtu visit to my school Sambut. That was my last year in high school. Sambut is a stone throw away from his home. He played some little volley ball with the boys in the field. (I never played any ball, let alone volleyball). I knew him, but as usual I never bothered to join the other boys in the fun, with the young aspirant, said to be very moneyed and educated

While leaving he stopped by where I was seated on some logs and I went to the car, opened the door and we had a chat for around five minutes. He was alone in the car driving himself. By this time the villagers referred to him as “Arap Samoei” meaning the son of Samoei, which tells us he hadn’t made a name for himself

What does his village think of him today? Naturally, every village boasts of their successful sons. Even in advanced democracies like the US, politicians get massive support from their home states. It is very natural that he be adored at home, unlike the biblical prophets who aren’t celebrated at home, probably because here the people know them in depth

However for Ruto, he has taken this to a new level. We were a total of 13 candidates in the pioneer class of Sambut. Out of the 13 students, 9 were full time students and four were part time students. Among the part time were two ladies who were already married and only attended school when they had marital problems. The other was a male athlete who only attended school during athletics competition and yours truly who was always home for school fees

Almost all these sons and daughters of Sambut, save for one Suge, the lame cobbler at the market, found jobs in the many forces, courtesy of the DP. That has stretched beyond the village to the entire locality. Almost every home has at least one person working courtesy of the DP. If one is to say Ruto is a bad person in Sambut, he won’t cross River Chepkoilel alive, because he will be lynched

Weather the canvassing is right for the country is a story for another day

I may’ve been excluded from the forces list, may be because despite speaking the language, I am not of language, otherwise I would’ve been an AP (akili pungwani) today

The higher the tree of success Ruto climbed, the more fruits he threw down for his villagers, who all have direct benefits from his rise. The villagers, don’t share the sentiments that the DP is a seasoned thief, as some Kenyans opine, and are determined to push him further, if what Bob his classmate feels me is anything to go by.

Whether they succeed depends on the moods of the entire republic

The Kuku selling at Kambi Kuku is entirely untrue!

By Jerome Ogola