In his hey day as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Personal Secretary, Jomo Gecaga was influential figure at the seat of power in Nairobi and omnipresent figure around the president.

Previously, Jomo doubled as the Chief of Staff of the President but this role had since been taken over by Nzioka Waita.

Jomo’s cloak of privilege and power was, however, completely torn away last week when presidential security arrested him within the pos state house grounds and threw him into cold cells where he spent up to three lonely nights fighting mosquitoes.

Named after the founding father of the Republic Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, the younger Gecaga previously a worked as First Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is the son of Udi and Jeni Wambui Gecaga who was the first daughter of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and half-sister to the current President.

As with all Kenyatta children, Jomo attended the prestigious Eton College in Windsor Berkshire, United Kingdom. Up to a third of the more than fifty British Prime Ministers to date were educated at Eton college.

Last week however, Jomo’s downfall came fast and unexpectedly, when he was thrown into jail on orders of Uhuru after the president learnt that he had extorted up to US$1 million from a businessman after giving false promises that he would facilitate state tender awards.

As the President’s private secretary and nephew, whose influence within the corridors of State House was extensive, Jomo was a man who every one with an interest in government wanted to be close to.

Further investigation revealed Jomo sat at the apex of a vicious State House based extortion ring which had for years forced visitors into State House and Office of the President to part with facilitation fees so as to be granted access and other favours.

Uhuru is said to have flown into a fit of rage that required the intervention of Mama Ngina to calm him down.

But since he had urgent state business to attend to overseas, he let Jomo out of jail vowing to return and deal with him once and for all.

Subsequently, due to Mama Ngina’s intervention, Jomo was released but stripped of official powers which were taken over by Nzioka Mwaita.

Later, Jomo received a rude shock after he was blocked from received President Kenyatta on Tuesday evening at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). When the Presodent departed for the US, Jomo was seen at JKIA but did not travel with him as is normally the practice and neither did he shake his hand. Nzioka had taken his place on the state visit to USA.

It was very humiliating on the airport tarmac this week when tables had turned on Jomo when it emerged that Presidential Recce security team had been instructed not to allow Jomo anywhere near Uhuru.

The decline and fall of the Jomo is almost complete and all that remains is for police investigation to indict him and recommend his prosecution for abuse of office, racketeering, blackmail and extortion.

Celebrity lifestyle and a disproportionate lust for money appears to have taken over the faculties of the British educated political blue chip who counted his grandfather as the first all-powerful President of Kenya.

There is speculation as to what Jomo’s immediate future portends. But Jomo’s fate now hangs by a thin thread which is held by Uhuru Kenyatta who has already shown he is ready sacrifice to make an example of a family member to underline that his government means business in the war against corruption.