Civil society coalition summoned PRIOR to their planned submission of presidential petition Monday;

By Kenya Live News

A powerful coalition of civil society organisations and a team of lawyers which have been putting final touches to  a petition which is due to be filed at the Supreme Court registry office tomorrow challenging the declaration of the election  of Uhuru Kenyatta as president now face a new challenge.

The development came even as CSOs – Inuka Kenya, Katiba Institute and Muslims for Human Rights (Muhuri) – believed to be parties in the petition being summoned by NGOs Coordination Board to respond to a series of allegations leveled against them tomorrow which is the deadline for submission of presidential petition.

Sources close to the group which has been working from a secret location have confirmed to KLN that the team had been fine-tuning a petition whose preparation started as soon as IEBC disregarded NASA’s irreducible minimums and Raila Odinga withdrew from the contest.

The preconditions by NASA were aimed at introducing far reaching reforms within the IEBC. However, these were not satisfactorily implemented leading to a standoff followed by an unprecedented boycott of the election by NASA’s Raila Odinga and his supporters.

Observers are also watching to see if the Supreme Court judges will demonstrate unity and commitment to the hearing of the petition following threats, undue influence and intimidation leveled against them following their majority ruling invalidating the 8th August election.

There is concern that Supreme Court is in no condition to hear let alone provide a ruling since 25th October when the courts bench failed to raise the requisite quorum to hear a case that sought to block the presidential election in a surprise move that added to the drama leading up to the repeat vote.

With the summons to the CSOs falling on a Sunday, it is suspected the Jubilee regime is using the NGOs Board to frustrate the CSOs  and block them from filling any petitions until the deadline lapses.

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