President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday this week made a secret whistle stop visit at the Raila Odinga’s private offices located in the upmarket business district of Upper Hill in Nairobi.

Uhuru arrived at Raila’s Capital Hill headquarters mid morning in an unmarked but heavily tinted SUV which was driven straight into the basement of the five storey building from where he took a lift straight to the 5th floor office before being ushered into Raila’s executive private office.

Kenya Live News reliably learnt Uhuru spent up to two hours in private consultations with Raila before departing at lunch hour together with his host who proceeded to Kiambu to visit ailing veteran politician Nginyo Kariuki.

No media was aware of the meeting and no aide attended the meeting between the two leaders. However, a small contingent of the presidents’s crack-security unit – Recce Squad – all in civilian attire positioned themselves around the building, with regular askaris not even aware of their presence.

According to our source, only one or two of both of the leader’s closest aides were aware of the unusual meeting.

Uhuru’s mode of transport involved use of one of State Houses’ specially equipped SUVs that looked ordinary in Nairobi’s jam packed streets but are rated secure for his private use by presidential security officials.

For many years, Capital Hill Square, located off Chyulu Road in the Community area of Upper Hill, has served as the nerve centre of opposition politics as Raila Odinga’s official headquarters.

Raila took up the premises when his tenure in Office of the Prime Minister ended in 2013.

We could, however, not confirm if this was the first time Uhuru was visiting Raila, but were made to understand that the two are now in regular consultations that involves daily discussions through State House provided hotlines.