Yesterday Dp Ruto had an exclusive interview with Kameme Fm and part of what was discussed has formed the lead story on The Standard newspaper today. They interview was just but a well calculated PR gimmick and lie spreading spree to gain relevance due to dwindling political fortunes from the man.

Ruto alleged that he is ready to retire alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta in the event he loses the 2022 general election; something that any serious know is lie. What interests me more most are some other allegations that he made during the interview that I find to be just be the usual lies our politicians tell to remain relevant.

About him retiring in 2022 if he loses is neither here nor there because at the same time he said he will be active in the opposition. How then do you retire and remain active in opposition? It must be one. That double speak tells from the onset proves that the man was on a lying spree.

Ruto also said that there is no political pact in Jubilee that stipulate that Uhuru Kenyatta and Mt. Kenya region must support his candidature in 2022. The question then is why not tell the same to his troops so as to avoid intimidating the Kikuyus especially in Rift Valley with dire consequences if they fail to vote him as way of repaying political debt? You can not say one thing during interview with media and say the opposite when in political rallies. We have all seen what the likes of Oscar Sudi and Kimani Ngunjiri say and we know they all say what they discuss with their master, Ruto. So this too was just another PR gimmick to gain relevance.

Ruto alleged that he is fully behind the handshake between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. Like for real? Who can believe that for sure? The way he has been insulting Raila Odinga and the handshake? Now all over sudden Ruto wants anybody to believe that he supports handshake. Ruto believes that the handshake came and destabilized their Jubilee boat but instead of facing his boss Uhuru Kenyatta he has resolved to attack Raila Odinga who has no power to help him since he is not a Jubilee party member. He attacks Raila on the handshake as if he ( Raila) shook his own hands and not Uhuru’s. Ruto does not support the handshake and he should stop playing with our intelligence.

He also said that he cannot allow the country to degenerate to violence because of a presidential election. In 2007 one of the reasons the country degenerated to violence because of presidential election was due to the fact that there were some hardliners who refused to have a sit down and solve the issues so as to save the country. One of those hardliners was led by Ruto himself. And to date Ruto believe that Raila cannot be president because he is “weak.” There is no person who can easily burn this country because of presidential elections like William Ruto any serious kenyan will tell you that.

Lastly for now, the man from Sugoi said that if he loses in 2022 he will not go to court to challenge the will of the people. He says this country is Democratic and at the same time he does not intend to follow the available democratic mechanism of seeking redress, what does he intend to do? Can just imagine his option.