Flood Victims in Kilifi were RIGHT to appeal for Condoms Supply in Camps-Kenyalivenews.com
Officers and Kenya Red Cross officials in consultations with flood victims at Magarini's Garachi secondary school grounds in Kilifi County

In Kilifi county, floods have displaced locals and confined them in hurriedly made make shift camps. As a matter of urgency, the IDPs have requested the government of the day to provide them with CONDOMS.

I am not surprised with this demand. What I am shocked about is that Kenyans are castigating local IDPs in requesting for urgent delivery of condoms. I am like, really? Who are these virgins that find sex as a SIN and forbidden ACT?

Who are these saints that during a calamity people don’t enjoy sex? Come on Kenyans. Lets be serious! The Kilifi locals are bright. They are honest Kenyans. Condoms are products of life and death. It’s life saving commodity.

If they first requested for condoms, surely know that they have food. You can’t have sex while hungry. Lets respect other people’s demands. Their basic requirement is the same as yours. Lets have a healthy nation. Sexually productive citizens.

By Kamasasa Ephraim