Former CEC Janet Muthoni attacks Sonko, accuses him of looting City Hall
Former CEC Janet Muthoni attacks Sonko, accuses him of looting City Hall coffers

Nairobi Education CEC Janet Muthoni Ouko who abruptly resigned her position in early January to pursue other interests has tore into Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko over corruption at City Hall.

The former CEC who is in court having sued Sonko for defamation, accused Sonko of waging a false war against corruption, questioning Nairobi residents for keeping silent as Sonko networks engaged in massive embezzlement of millions of shillings from Nairobi coffers each week.

In a post she published on social media, the former CEC posed; “Are Kenyans asking the right questions or are we comfortable with endless sideshows and we have no guts, the will nor interest to defend public resources? Is the hyena herding the goats and only serving us with reports?”

Muthoni was referring to Sonko’s empty rhetoric which he often repeats alleging that he had invited EACC to City Hall to probe certain individuals over corruption and theft of public funds but none of the cases finding their way to court.

When she resigned, Sonko called a press conference in Kikambala at at the South Coast fron where he roundly accused Muthoni of being involved in massive withdrawals of county funds set aside as bursary for needy children and that he had invited EACC to probe the scandal, a claim Muthoni almost instantly denied and challenged Sonko to prove.

In her post Muthoni recalled: “When Igathe resigned, the Governor falsely claimed he resigned because he had inflated figures for contracts he wanted paid but the good Governor refused”.

Accusing media of not asking the right questions, Muthoni asked: “How did someone inflate figures?From what figure to what? Didn’t the procurement team do competitive sourcing of contractors and what action was taken on this case against people who flaunt known government procurement procedures?”

The educationist said that after Igathe’s abrupt resignation Nairobians went on to engage on sideshows fighting Sonko bots on social media but nothing came out if this.

Muthoni was alluding to the social media trolls Sonko has informally engaged known as Nairobi Mini Bloggers who viciously attacks anyone who questions Sonko’s incompetence and juvenile antics at City Hall.

Today, one year after his resignation, Igathe is CEO of Equity Bank Kenya, the country’s largest commercial bank while Nairobi illegally endures life without a deputy governor allowing Sonko unfettered access to loot at City Hall.

Continuing with her onslaught against Sonko Muthoni recalled that numerous CECs in Nairobi had been dismissed from the floor of public rallies and accused of corruption In full glare of media complete with a thoroughly entertained crowd but not a single case against the sacked CECs had found its way to court.

“I have made an effort to visit the EACC, DCI and other relevant anti-corruption offices but no complainant nor complaints have been filed by city hall against sacked CECs,” said Muthoni.

Muthoni claimed Nairobi residents appeared content with no service delivery and all the empty talk of fighting corruption laced with a smear against perceived enemies but at the end of the day, there is no action that benefits anyone apart from Sonko who is trying to sanctify himself by having all of us ordain him as a saint.

Referring to her own case, Muthoni questioned the capacity of MCAs and the fourth estate to oversight the rogue Nairobi governor.

“When a governor claims on national TV that Sh357 million of bursary funds have been stolen, incidentally the total annual budget, does it mean that Nairobi County Assembly has a bunch of 85 elected robots who cannot oversight or blow the whistle, and it is only the governor who exclusively holds the magic wand to determine who is corrupt and who is not?” posed Muthoni

Muthoni said Sonko was waging a false war against corruption which he effectively uses as a PR tool for fighting perceived enemies.

“Sonko has taken advantage of our known collective ineptness and inability to ask questions for fear of loosing favours that shall never come anyway.”

“Our amazing ability to loose the antelope for a dashing squirrel. And politicians have known that the best way please a crowd is to purport to protect public resources.” said Muthoni

The question is, who can we trust to lead the war against corruption if not the public itself? Many of those mentioned in mega-scandals and serious criminal acts such as drugs peddling are prominent politicians.

“Interesting how we trust the people who have hurt us that badly in the past. Interesting how we fight those that ask questions because we have taken sides with people that hurt us at every opportunity. Can we take up the challenge to ask the right question soon after the politician is done with the side show!?” posed Muthoni.