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Dr.Nancy Asiko Onyango


Several years ago during a panel on financial empowerment & #women, held in Kigali, Rwanda, a top male Kenyan executive on my panel challenged women to be more confident & bold to succeed.

Now, to illustrate this, he pointed at a lady in the audience and introduced her as a former classmate and the most brilliant student in his year, far more brilliant than him, he said. In front of hundreds of people he alluded to the fact that it was a shame that he was so accomplished & she was not, yet she had such potential.

During the Q&A I called upon her to speak. She introduced herself, her role and position, her responsibilities & her track record. It was mind boggling, so impressive! The tragedy, she said, was that in the male executives eyes, she was hovering well below him in terms of rank and accomplishments, yet following her short articulation of her bio, it was clear that this was so far from the truth. Participants broke into uproarious applause. It was a powerful point driven home with clarity, grace & dignity.

Congratulations Nancy Asiko Onyango, you make women, Kenya & Africa proud! Keep soaring! ————- International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde today announced her decision to appoint Nancy Asiko Onyango as Director of the Fund’s Office of Internal Audit and Inspection (OIA). Ms. Onyango, a Kenyan national, will succeed Clare Brady, who left the Fund earlier this Fall. Her appointment will take effect in February 2018. “Ms. Onyango brings to the Fund more than 25 years of experience in internal audit, strategic risk management, corporate governance, and IT risk management,” Ms. Lagarde said. “In addition to her extensive assurance and corporate governance experience, Nancy is passionate about empowering women and girls, notably in harnessing their leadership potential. She is a Global Give Back Circle mentor to girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.” Source: IMF

By Julie Gichuru 


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