Former flamboyant Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale has been asked to go back to the village instead of languishing around parliament in Nairobi.

Dr Khalwale, who is a medical doctor by profession, became subject of hilarious jokes among his colleagues and constituents after his frequent visits to parliament raised eyebrows.

Apart from his twitter handle which he uses to throw barbs at perceived political enemies, Khalwale is now also a permanent feature on media political talk shows even though next elections are scheduled for

Khalwale who was openly canvassing for a state appointment before Uhuru named his cabinet, was left hanging and has now taking to venting on NASA Leader Raila Odinga.

The ex- legislator who also serves as FORD Kenya Deputy Party Leader, is remebered for being was vocal during his term in parliament and the senate. Heis now a common feature in the streets around the national assembly and occasionally pops in parliament to “say hello” his colleagues.

Yesterday, his political rival Senator Malala from was overheard at a city hotel remarking that Khalwale has risked being declared a vagrant since he had become a nuisance and should go back to the village if he has nothing meaningful to do in the city.

Khalwale, a fanatic of bullfighting and who has declared himself a defender of the poor, vied in the Kakamega gubernatorial election losing to ODM’s Wycliffe Opranya and is normally seen in restaurants frequented by common mwananchi.