Governor Sonko is a Victim of Complex Saboteurs from GEMA who claim Ownership of the

Mike Sonko is just a victim of an extremely complex web of saboteurs both within and beyond. The city is dirty, but he has a minister responsible and relevant departmental workers.

Why are they not doing their work? Why is everyone in the city hall bureaucracy so bent on turning Sonko into a nightmare come true for the residents of Nairobi? There is more than meets the eye in all these stinking mess. It’s neither about poor planning nor poverty of individual brilliance but criminal capture.

Let me ask this way; City Hall has ministers & relevant workers, why are they less concerned and disinterested in work?

There is even Ward Admins who are supposed to ensure the county gov is felt at the grassroots, where are they as all these mess graduates into a total mayhem?

Sonko is said to have agreed to be a ceremonial governor to be given the Jubilee Party ticket for Nairobi, He was deputized by Polycarp Igathe who was seconded by GEMA to represent their business interests.

Sonko shortchanged them upon being elected, He enjoys the all the powers Governor’s are supposed to enjoy.

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