Even as we mourn the nullification of  Elections of Babu Owino…, We must mourn cautiously …Babu Owino has made some grave mistakes that should not be repeated.

As we move to reclaim the seat, let the following lessons be learnt;

1.Never ignore close friends, allies and generals; People who’ve fought on the trenches with you, those who built you from nothing and have stood by you in every difficulty.
2.Pick phone calls and if you are busy, text or call back later. Not everybody wants money or favors from you, some just want to congratulate or even advice you
3.Keep your family out of politics, especially your wife. Your wife cannot earn 6 times what your advisers and staff earn yet you expect them to deliver.
4.Learn how to abuse or insult people in authority. Use sarcasm or even humor. Any attack below the belt may be may be taken personally
5. Appoint qualified people to run affairs of the constituency.
6.Create structures and delegate. Its not a must that the MP be always physically present on the ground so that work is done.Delegate duties and allow your staff to work and serve the people.
7.Never underestimate your enemy
8. Do work for the people. Do not only go to the ground when difficulties arise. If possible, even get a house in the constituency and interact daily with the people.
9. Make sure your team is empowered. Your generals must be empowered that they are fully committed only to your cause .
10. Never push a loyal person to a point where they no longer care.

If all the above are put into consideration, we shall emerge victorious again.

Fredrick Okung’ Ndege Sirkal
Advisor Babu Owino ( Unless fired after this post)

Ndege Sirkal with Babu Owino in SONU Politics