The eldest daughter of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has separated from her flamboyant Luo boyfriend after aborting five month old foetus.

Mother of three Saumu Sonko who last year bitterly broke up with yet another boyfriend Ben Gatu has dating been dating businessman Robert Ouko who owns the posh Wakanda Club in Westlands suburb of Nairobi.

However, the wealthy businessman who has interests in Nairobi’s thriving hospitality industry booted Saumu after she cheated on him with Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip.

According to sources close to the Sonko household, Saumu has severally earned the wrath of her parents having already given birth to three children, including twins, out of wedlock with two different men and was due to have had baby number four later this year with the third bae who has now.

Five Months Pregnant Saumu Sonko


KLN understands Saumu, who is not on talking terms with her Governor dad, was desperate to get married and stabilise her life, a situation that led her to have an affair with the sweet talking Lamu Senator.

Unfortunately, in her desperation to attempt to please the Senator, Saumu went as far as taking money from Robert to bankroll Senator Loitiptip’s political campaigns in Lamu. It is believed that the Senator gave Saumu false hopes of marriage so as to continue receiving Robert’s money from Saumu.

The wealthy Robert who also reportedly is a luxury car dealer, upon learning that Saumu had gotten rid of the pregnancy, immediately asked Saumu to pack and leave his palatial house in Karen even offering to have the movers help her relocate to Ruaka where she was putting up with her ex-boyfriend before the birth of her twin children.

Sources reliably told KLN that Robert was also educating one of Saumu’s children at one of Kenya’s most prestigious learning institution, Brookouse School Karen. The fate of the child is now unknown after Saumu eloped with Senator Loitiptip who is yet to find financial footing after a grueling election petition case that contested his election.

At the same time, Primrose Sonko, the Nairobi County first lady, is frustrated with her eldest step-daughter for disgracing the Sonko name and setting a poor example to her younger siblings.

A friend intimated Saumu had even started compiling a star-studded wedding guest list only for Robert to abruptly call time on the relationship and reject her advances and to categorically reject pressure to settle down and marry Saumu.

A source close to the couple said: “Robert is successful in his own right and has no interest in politics, while Saumu wants to constantly remind anyone who cares to listed that her dad was a powerful politician in Kenya.”

The source added “Robert was serious and ready to settle down until Saumu secretly procured an abortion of a pregnancy he was carrying for Robert. He was shocked more than being annoyed.”

“Robert has money and was excited at the prospects of being a parent,” a friend familiar with intrigues in the relationship said.

On the other hand, Robert resisted pressure from his own Luo family to discard the “slayqueens of Nairobi and marry a well brought up woman from his community.”

Saumu reportedly moved back to her parents’ posh house in Runda where her high-flying parents ensure that she and her children are well taken care off.